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As an electrician, contractor, or builder, your livelihood depends on being able to provide the highest quality results to your customers. At HitLights, we work with you to spec the right products at the right prices so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

As a professional LED Installer your customers want quality products at an affordable price. HitLights helps electricians, contractors, builders and other lighting professionals offer better products and make more money with your projects. Our expertise and years of experience help you, the professional, grow your business and deliver great LED Strip Lighting projects. When it comes to LED Strip Lighting projects don’t settle for anything less. 

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Indirect vs Direct Lighting

Traditionally, all lighting has been direct lighting - meaning that illumination is provided directly by the light source. As technologies improved, and light sources became smaller, the ability to conceal the light source meant that spaces could now be illuminated indirectly by the reflection of light source. 

This indirect lighting is usually diffused by the reflecting surface (such as a painted wall), making indirect lighting softer and more appealing - particularly in residential environments. LED Light Strips are perfect for indirect lighting - they're small enough to hide just about anywhere, and the large amount of LEDs per foot help diffuse the reflected, indirect light even more.

Indirect lighting is most commonly installed at or near ceiling level. Common examples include installations above kitchen cabinets, with lighting reflecting off the wall or ceiling, above lowered crown molding - offset from the ceiling by four to eight inches, or in ceiling coves.

We recommend our high density Luma5 strip lights - with 36 LEDs per foot for maximum diffusion - for indirect lighting. Pair them with a dimmable driver for smooth and reliable dimming.

Dimmable Is Everything  

Anyone can install an LED light strip. They're more or less plug and play, and are available in kits for most applications. What's a little more complicated, however, is completing a classy, fully dimmable installation, and delivering it to your customer on time and under budget. Sure, you can connect an in-line PWM (pulse width modulation) dimmer that'll dim okay from 100% down to about 20%, but if your customer is making a permanent installation in their home, then it pays to have a qualified expert install a high end 110V wall dimmer with a compatible dimmable driver

Dimming LEDs is - some people will tell you - a complicated business. Standard power supplies and transformers don't respond well to 110V dimmers. When you can source a power supply with dimming capability, finding a compatible dimmer switch is tough. All exaggerations, we hope - or maybe they just haven't found the right supplier.

At HitLights, it's simple. You pick one of our dimmable drivers. You purchase a compatible dimmer switch - directly per the manufacturer's recommendations. You install the dimmer switch before the dimmable driver - per this diagram - with a handful of wire nuts or similar connectors. And your customer has reliable, high quality dimming - from 100% all the way down to 0%, all from their wall switch.

Alternatively - skip the dimmable driver entirely with our new EzDim dimmer/driver combo.

Rangel Electric utilizes our Luma5 High Density LED Light Strips in 3,000K Warm White to achieve soft indirect lighting in the homes and businesses they work on throughout the Coachella valley. Check out their gallery at rangelelectric.com

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