We at Hitlights inspire to develop new ways of utilizing LED Strip Lighting technology and educate those seeking to learn. 

 We love LED lighting and it amazes us how many things can be lit up with the use of LED Strip Lighting. 


We offer various LED Strip options for beginners and professionals alike, today, HitLights is a major player and a recognized name in the North American Linear LED market, particularly amongst display, exhibit, and gaming manufacturers,  electrical hobbyist, and DIYers who choose HitLights for our superior quality products, our innovative kits, and our vast range of customization accessories with low voltage requirements and environment-friendly design, our LED Strip Lights ensure a safe installation that is fun, has customizable and high brightness, warranty for up to 5 years, a long life, and many additional features for you to play and create with.  - all provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team. We strive to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our LED customers by carrying everything you need to complete your project, including power supplies, controllers, dimmers and more.


LED strip lights, also known as tape lights, have many features that make them easy to implement into a variety of projects and locations. If you're looking towards enhancing your lighting atmosphere or adding subtle color to your home, an area, project or room, LED Strip Lighting will provide you vast options to decorate or enhance an atmosphere simply by adding color lighting details being the perfect way to add lighting to pretty much anything.


LED Strip Lights have many features for Lighting Electricians and DIYers, from being able to cut sections to fit your exact measurement requirements to controlling lighting color, time settings, link settings, voice activation, and dimmable brightness with the help of components such as dimmers, power supplies, controllers, and smart home options.

If you’re looking for custom solutions for your projects or business contact Corolux a division of HitLights that focuses on Customization services and being your LED partner, contact at info@coroluxled.com to get started.


It can be complex to know where to start if you are doing an intricate lighting project. At HitLights we pride ourselves on educating and providing you the best lighting solutions for your installations and projects. Find help in planning your LED Light Strip System ensuring a great LED Strip Lighting installation. Visit our learning center for steps and tips if you are stuck or do not know where to begin.