HitLights For Custom Fabricators

Your customers depend on you to create amazing fabrications with quality building as well as attract attention to their businesses and brands . Let HitLights work with you to display your creations under the best light - our expert team will help you get the right products to illuminate your custom projects.

The subtle art of back lighting

There are many ways to draw attention to businesses or attractions. Many of the traditional ways - from neon, to harsh fluorescent tubes behind perspex, to bright red and blinking LED matrix displays - come across as cheap, tacky, and in many cases, straight up unprofessional. For high end experiences for high end clients, a back lit logo or shape can be a classy - and surprisingly simple lighting solution.

It starts with a sheet of metal, wood, or other material, cut into shape. This is installed, offset by a few inches, onto a wall or other surface, with LED lighting installed behind the sign, facing away towards the surface.

The contrast between the bright, glowing background and the darker logo silhouette catches they eye while avoiding some of the above pitfalls associated with traditional lighted signage and custom projects.

Make it pop with vibrant colors
Your clients spend a lot of time and money developing a specific brand image and associated graphics. Can you afford to deliver signage or custom projects lit in plain red when crimson was requested? 

With HitLights RGB products, you have 100% color control at your fingertips. Use our range of RGB controllers to choose the right colors for your clients - or arm them with the tools they need to select the right color for their project or signage based on need or whim.

If you're looking for both color changing and white, then RGBW might be what you need. It combines Red, Green, and Blue with a high CRI white - all in the same chip for even and consistent color. 

Not sure which is best for you? Get in touch with our HitLights experts and we'll help you make the right decision for your business needs! 

Chandler Signs uses our WAVE strips (and more) to light the complicated shapes and corners they utilize in their high quality custom signage. HitLights' expert sales team supports Chandler Signs every step of the way - meaning Chandler Signs spends less time and energy on lighting, and more time on what they do best - making signs. Learn more at chandlersigns.com

Need Expert LED Help?
Our LED experts understand what professional electricians, contractors and builders need in LED Strip Lighting Projects. For nearly 10 years professional installers have relied on HitLights experts for superior products and service to help grow their business.