Ring Around the Virgin Hyperloop One

The dream to travel to different locations at high-speed rates through low-pressure tubes is nothing new. In fact, there were ideas of it back in 1909 when a vacuum train was proposed by inventor Robert Goddard.

Fast forward about 100 years to Elon Musk. While taking a humanitarian trip to Cuba in 2013, he struck up a conversation with investor Shervin Pishevar in which he stated his ideas to update the original concept. With prompting from Pishevar, Musk shared his thoughts with the public and President Obama through his Hyperloop Alpha white paper, where it was deemed feasible.

After years of researching, developing, testing and raising funds, a team of engineers, architects and innovators went from a small garage in Los Angeles to successfully using a full-scale Hyperloop with a passenger pod in Nevada.

Want to know something cool?

LED Strip Lights were used to produce a functional Hyperloop that will be replicated in a number of locations across the globe.

Check out the video below that shows how the inside of the tube is lit up with the use of ring lights placed 40 meters apart. 


As the pod accelerates, the rings allow passengers to get a better sense of exactly how fast they’re traveling (which is at 107 m/s velocity, for the record).

You could even have a dance party inside!

Although the projected launch date for passenger and cargo travel isn’t until 2021, there have already been proposed routes from numerous governments and organizations around the world. We can’t wait to travel (and possibly have a dance party inside) the first public Hyperloop.