Beyond the Stained Glass: Our Lady of Mercy, Brazil

The limits of LED lighting go beyond that of trade show booths and signage. Our lights actually traveled to Brazil to illuminate a beautiful, 6-foot-round stained glass window at Our Lady of Mercy Church.

After traveling with materials back and forth from New York to the island of Itaparica over the course of a year, the team at Cava Glass finished the design and build of the window, containing over 700 pieces of glass.

Next Up: Installation Day

Joseph, owner of Cava, provided a detailed account of the process here.

However, here are the quick, impressive facts:

  • It took the team from 11 AM - 7 PM to complete.
  • The installation consisted of 4 people, 13 glass panels, 66 bolts, a shared wrench and stable hands.
  • Our Luma5 Regular Density Cool White strips were the finishing touch on this gorgeous masterpiece.

Once admired, the LEDs were set on a timer to light up Our Lady of Mercy Church and its city every night from 6 PM - midnight.