5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home Improvement Projects

Lose weight? You’ve got 365 days for that. Get a new job? The best listings will be out in Spring. Exercise more? Might as well begin in February when all the January starters give up. Read more? You can start with this post. All of those are fine resolutions. Pretty good 2023 goals, sure. BUT if you want a New Year’s Resolution that’s really going to make an impact on your daily life, you can resolve to include these 5 things in your upcoming home improvement projects. HitLights has some suggested resolutions that can help you upgrade, get projects done (!), and shed some light on the most important spaces in your life this year. HitLights has the premium LED strip lights and the know-how to help you make the best out of 2023. 

You spend so much time in your home—it’s your family hub, your base, the place where you can be most comfortable and at ease. If you work from home, double each of those elements. It’s important to have your home upkeep taken care of and managed properly. If you start feeling like the “honey do’s” are piling up or the deferred maintenance is getting noticeable, that can lead to demoralization and negative feelings about the one place that’s supposed to give you a sense of security and abode. 

Think about it—it feels good to be in a space that feels good. That’s why HitLights has come up with some New Year’s Resolutions that are sure to help you in the home improvement realm. We know something about making spaces bright, attractive, and well-lit. We also know something about innovation and improvement—HitLights is a small business after all, and we’re driven by achieving the best we can for our customers like you. Making small, incremental improvements over and over is one of our company values. We love seeing the “ripple effect” of an improvement in one area of our company producing results in another part of our business. That’s why, with confidence, we encourage you to implement our home improvement resolutions because—who knows? Accomplishing these resolutions might give you the momentum you need to reach the other resolutions (like losing weight; landing that new job; exercising more; increasing your reading; or whatever else you’re dreaming of for 2023.) 

On that note, resolve! First up: no more poorly lit rooms.

1. Identify and Replace Lighting in Any Dim Rooms

No more putting it off: if any room has

  • terrible lighting;
  • low lighting;
  • worn out lighting;
  • oddball lighting 

… then choose now to upgrade the lighting in each of these rooms. 

(Not sure what we mean by “oddball”? If you’re dealing with something like a single wall sconce that only works with a candelabra-base bulb to illuminate and entire room—that’s an oddball. Don’t laugh—we’ve heard about all kinds of oddballs!)

We recommend prioritizing the rooms you upgrade by how much time you spend in each space. Some people like to get the easiest installs out of the way first, but we suggest you go by time spent in the room because of our philosophy that where you spend the most time should be as top of the line as you can pull together.

Take a walk-through of each room in your house and do a quick assessment: are you pleased with the light levels? Have you noticed any dimness? Do you like the current lighting? Does it look dated or out of style at all? Use these criteria to decide if the room is ready for some improvement.

Consider these products for the resolution:

2. Switch to LED Lighting 

No need to put it off any longer: switch your old-fashioned lighting for LED lighting. We know how it goes: with all the best intentions, you thought you’d eventually get around to installing LEDs…but life happens. The kicking of that can down the road stops here. Resolve to change to LEDs now, and the best part is you can take advantage of some great pricing this time of year. 

3. Go Premium When You Can

Who is it in your family who can be relied on to say: “You get what you pay for.” Whether it’s a wise grandpa or a Mr. Fix-It dad or a mom who is prepared to explain how paying once for the good stuff is actually more economical than buying something average twice, most of us know someone who lives by the recommendation to opt for quality whenever you can. 

There’s a lot of truth to this familiar adage. When you’re dealing with a company or manufacturer that prioritizes quality (HitLights is an example) and they offer both high quality standard items and premium items, more times than not, you’ll be happy when you pay the difference and go for premium. Now, please note we did say that this applies when standard is good. There are plenty of applications when our HitLights standard products will fit the bill. But when you want something a little bit better, premium will deliver. We make this comparison to say that when a company doesn’t do a great job with their standard products but then seeks to upsell you to premium, then you have grounds to be cautious. 

Our HitLights premium products have demonstrable features, like thicker substrate, greater flexibility to our strips, and fabulously sticky genuine 3M double sided glue (that will hold on to whatever surface you stick the lights!) Plus, with all our premium products we offer better than industry standard warranties. We want you to be happy with all of your HitLights purchases, especially with premium. 

If you want to peruse what premium looks like at HitLights, may we suggest:

  • Waterproof Premium Luma5 (standard density) is perfect for damp or wet applications 
  • This Premium Luma5 is a combo of the two above—high density and waterproof 

Also, in the realm of premium products, you’ll notice that many of our products are UL-Listed. All of HitLights products are safe, and held to high safety standards—we also stand behind all our products. But if out of preference or out of familiarity or ordinance you want the UL-Listing, HitLights is happy to provide many products with this mark. Find out more about our UL-Listed products here

4. Get Your Home Energy Economized

Energy costs going down? Hoo boy, we wish we had better news for you. While costs are climbing in the world, you can do some things to control costs in your own home. 

Whether you are improving the insulation of your house; checking the Energy Star rated appliances when you’re in the market to replace; controlling the thermostat; or telling the kids to put on a sweater (winter) or to close the darn door because AC ain’t free (summer), each of these measures can reduce your home’s energy expenses. If you haven’t taken these kinds of steps in the past, the overall increase in the cost of energy is making these changes less of a luxury or a project that can be done “sometime” and a logical necessity

One energy saver to add to your list: install LED strip lights and HitLights dimmable drivers. Many LED strip light fans first learned about the fantastic world of LEDs because of the energy savings. Now, years after LEDs first hit the consumer market, the energy savings are even greater and the aesthetics of LED strip lights have caught up with consumer preferences. This resolution is sure to satisfy—especially when you can count the dollars you save when everyone else is feeling the energy bill pinch.

5. Outsource Projects to Get Them Off Your To-Do List and Actually Get Them DONE

We know you want to DIY the DIY project you got started 18 months ago. And we know you can. And we totally believe, zero doubt, that 2023 is the year you’re getting it done. For sure. It’s going to happen. 


In the event SOMEHOW the completion of the project (which was started 18 months ago) doesn’t not miraculously start getting accomplished in 2023, we at HitLights invite you to consider hiring a pro to take care of the project for you. 

This might not be what you want to hear, but trust us: completed projects feels amazing. 

Done is done. If you pick the right pro, they can complete projects to your specifications and in a time frame that will be satisfying. If you think you can’t justify the cost of a pro doing work at your house, remember that your time is not free. You may very well find that on a pro rata basis, you can’t afford to do it yourself after accounting for the time involved. 

Did you know that lots of home pros work with HitLights? We have a whole division of our company that is dedicated to our Pro Account folks. (We’re sharing this to reassure that there are plenty of people who hire out their LED strip light work.) 

Here’s a little trick we’ll reveal to you: for some of you, simply reading this resolution is going to give you a little pang, a moment of realization that says in a small internal voice, yes, it’s time to hire someone to finish the project. BUT the pang itself is going to be the motivation you needed to attack the project and get it finished! Can you believe it? For those of you, congratulations. For the rest of us, make the call, bring in a pro and get you to-dos wrapped up for the New Year. 

That does it! Resolutions—5 of them—all designed to help you get your home improved in 2023. Would you like to get some more ideas from our Tech Support team, trained and ready to help you with all the products of HitLights? Give us a call now at 1 (855) 768-4135 and get started today. On behalf of everyone at HitLights, we wish you and yours a prosperous 2023!

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