3 Products You're Going to Love in 2023 from HitLights

The current (electricity pun!) year is winding down, Christmas Christmas has come and gone, winter break is here… but the hardworking innovators at HitLights are planning new products and LED strip lights accessories that are going to help make life easier (and more profitable!) for our independent contractor pros and home DIYers alike in 2023. HitLights is excited to provide you this peek into some new products you’re going to love—customers love LED strip lights that have wall controls that look and function like traditional incandescent lighting. Customers also love the smart technology—like voice control or app-controlled lights—that comes with modern LEDs. Both of these worlds will be satisfied with the new products HitLights is proud to introduce in 2023: the SleekTone CV controller; the Drive Tech Dimmable LED Driver; and the Dim Tech Light Switch.

Before we go into each of these accessories (and what they do and why you should be as excited as we are about them) we want to let you in on a little secret. You might see each of these new products as an expansion of what HitLights has to offer, and that’s true! But you should also know that all these items-- the SleekTone CV controller; the Drive Tech Dimmable LED Driver; and the Dim Tech Light Switch—can actually be used together with many of our LED strip lights to make a complete installation that will provide a variety of control options; color tone selection; smart controls (voice, app, or RF control), AND—are you ready for this? A wall switch that looks (and works!) like a traditional rheostat, dimming smoothly and working flicker-free. So whether you use each of these new offerings on their own or if you bundle for a top-notch innovative solution (controller, driver, wall switch) you’re going to be pleased.

Let’s get on to the good stuff. Up first is the SleekTone CV controller.

What is CV and what is the SleekTone CV controller?

Constant Voltage, the “CV” in the new SleekTone CV Controller means that no matter the current load placed on the unit, it will maintain a constant voltage. If there is a change in the load, the output voltage remains stable; no fluctuations. What that means in practicality, for one issue, is flicker-free LED strip lights. We hate flickering LED strip lights as much as you do. This controller is one element in our fight against flickering. (More on the great flicker fight in a moment.) The reason you might use a controller like the SleekTone CV is that you want to change the output of your LED strip lights, whether you want to change the color that’s being displayed (also known as color temperature) or you want to brighten or dim the lights. 

Do you need a controller for LED strip lights?

A controller allows you to experience the full functionality of LED strip lights. If your lights are dimmable, the controller allows for the raising or lowering of the light output. If your lights can change color, the controller tells the lights what color temperature or color tone to display. Controllers can be adjusted and used in a variety of ways including an RF remote controller; app control; or voice control (through your preferred smart home device.) 

The SleekTone CV offers all these performances and more. 

Special Clarification: Don’t confuse the SleekTone CV controller and, let’s say, the controller you hold in your hand and activate different functions of the lights. The SleekTone CV is a controller at the strip light level— connect the SleekTone CV to a LED strip light or a series of LED strip lights depending on the number of diodes needed. 

You are going to appreciate the plug-and-play nature of the SleekTone CV. Despite how powerful the SleekTone CV is, it takes no prior experience to put it into your lighting set up. Clearly labeled, you’ll be able to snap in the SleekTone CV and have it working for your LED strip light installation in minutes. 

Use the SleekTone CV controller with one LED strip light or with multiple strips. You can also use several SleekTone CV controllers with a whole series of LED strip lights. It works stand-alone or as a whole lighting system.

The final highlights of the SleekTone CV include that it can be used for voice control functions and for tuning in the white color tones of your lights. You can dim from the brightest level down to less than one percent light level before your strips fade out into darkness. The dim is more like a traditional dimming light than anything we’ve offered before. We love the SleekTone CV and are confident you will, too. 

What if you want to use a driver that is ultra-compatible and can be max loaded, no minimum load? Meet our next product: the Drive Tech Dimmable Driver.

What is a dimmable driver?

Compatible with any 24 volt DC LED light fixture (whether you are using LED strip lights; a linear LED bar light; or an installed light fixture like a recessed LED downlight) the Drive Tech Dimmable Driver offers flicker-free dimming with a wireless connection. 

This driver works with a DimTech wall switch (which we’ll introduce to you in a minute!) and will fit a standard junction box, all while using a wireless signal

This driver continues our battle against flickering lights introduced above. This driver is held to the highest standards including complying with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) advisory for flickering as well as standards that comply with California’s energy saving rules about flickering. Make flickering LEDs a thing of the past. Flickering be gone!

Speaking of standards, the Drive Tech Dimmable Driver is also UL listed (class 2) and uses the same standard wire set as a regular LED driver. Installation is also aided by the convenient knock-outs on the wiring compartments, making setup easy. For contracting professionals, you’ll appreciate how often this driver will satisfy all the boxes you need to check while installing. 

Finally, you’re going to love the smooth-as-silk dimming with the Drive Tech. The light will move through increments as small as 0.1% before going completely to off. How do you get that kind of operation from the driver? Get the right switch. Which brings us to the last newbie to introduce to you.

Your wall control for LED strip lights is never going to be the same after you get to know the DimTech wall switch. 

What kind of wall switch can be used with LED strip lights?

The approach of the DimTech wall switch is to provide an end-to-end solution, eliminating redundant or unnecessary parts, maintaining easy to install compatibility. If you’re thinking a wall switch will require a lot of technical know-how and experience to install, you haven’t met the DimTech. In only a few minutes, DimTech can be installed and will pair with the Sleektone CV Controller or Drivetech Dimmable Driver without any hassle. 

If you or your clients are interested in style and aesthetics, the look of these switches are sure to please. The faceplate are available in a variety of colors. It looks like many traditional rheostat switches (with modern touches) and contain lots of tech without looking clunky. DimTech conveniently fits a standard gang box. 

A single DimTech switch can control several LED strip lights. It does not require any batteries. You probably at this point don’t even need to ask about the flicker factor when it comes to this device (consider it handled—no flickers with the DimTech.) 

A controller, a driver, a switch. Each of these await you in the new year at HitLights. If you are intrigued, we’re glad! We have lots of exciting projects and initiatives we’re rolling out in 2023, the SleekTone CV controller; the Drive Tech Dimmable LED Driver; and the Dim Tech Light Switch are just the start. 

We want to thank all of our home improvers and our independent contracting pros for the wonderful year we had as we look forward and wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year. Our awesome tech support team is ready to talk to you whether about our regular catalog or if you want to get started on the new items to come. Give our HitLights team a call at 1 (855) 768-4135 to get started.  Here’s to a bright year ahead—you and HitLights!

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