5 unique places to install LED strip lights you never thought of before

You love your LED strip lights in your home. You love them so much that you’ve started dreaming of other locations you can install LED strips. You aren’t alone. At HitLights, we often talk to people who get the LED strip light bug, and all they can think about after their first successful project is: what’s next? Where can I put in more LED strips? Before you find yourself outfitting the dog’s house with sick color change, we have 5 LED strip light installations we think you’re going to love, and some of them we’re sure you might not have ever considered. So, tuck in, take a look, and get excited about all the possibilities of LED strip lights outside of your home that are sure to be winners for you.

Table of Contents:

1. LED strip lights in your RV or camper

Lots of us are starting to look forward to summer, and more specifically, summer vacation. If you have an RV or camper, now’s the time to prep your vehicle for all the adventures ahead of you in the upcoming months. LED strip lights are perfect for RVs. Everything in an RV needs to be low hassle and efficient. If those qualities don’t fit LED strip lights, nothing does! Where are some of the popular places to install LED strip lights on your adventure vehicles? 

One of the most popular RV installations we know about is an LED strip light installed under a camper awning. Under awning lights allow you enjoy more time out in the warm evenings and make your camping area look sharp and outfitted. Another popular installation actually has a safety benefit, too: LED strip lights on camper steps. Anyone with a camper knows the steps can be a little tricky at night (especially if the ground is a little uneven.) Installing LED strip lights on steps is a great way to bring visibility and visual appeal (another way to say: look nice) to your steps. No more stumbling in the dark trying to safely get inside!

Finally, look inside of your camper or RV: all of the places you love to install LED strip lights in your home are also available in a compact version in your RV. LED strip lights work easily with the set-up of your camper. If you have any questions, don’t forget our tech support team is ready and able to answer your questions and get you all the strips, connectors, and power supplies to get your adventure vehicle illuminated. #VanLife folks—this all applies to you, too. 

2. LED strip lights in your car

LED strip lights for your car aren’t just for the party bus. It’s easy to install LED strip lights in your car. The key is 12 volt LED strip lights. HitLights have a wide selection of 12 volt strips, whether single color or color changing RGB strip lights. Why would you want to install LED strips in your car (even if you aren’t a teenager or aren’t a rideshare driver?) The flair of LED strip lights in a car don’t have to be garish. Highlighting footwells and under seats can actually look modern and cool. Remember: you can set the light levels (brightness) of LED strips, so they don’t have to be blinding or overwhelming. In the same way you might show off a special feature of your living room or kitchen or sitting room in your home, you can bring that same concept to your beloved automobile. 

3. LED strip lights in your boat

Maybe it’s because HitLights was born in Louisiana, but we love LED strip lights for boats. You don’t have to own a yacht for this section to apply (good for you if you do!) but LED strips can work with all kinds of aquatic settings, including kayaks and canoes. What to look for? Look for an IP rating of 67 on all your strips—IP 67 or higher is what you need to make sure your LED strip lights are waterproof. If your LED strip lights are going to get wet, you’re going to love our Luma5 Premium strips (with an IP rating of 67, good to go for the water) like the standard density strip or the high-density strip

HitLights has a whole waterproof collection you can shop to get everything you need for a boat application. Check out the whole collection

4. LED strip lights on your fence line 

Waterproof LED strip lights aren’t just for the water. Outdoors can be home to all kinds of LED strip light projects—one we love is LED strip lights on fence lines. Fence lines provide you natural lines and structure to apply the strips for easy installation and nearly instant lighting, that looks nice and is an immediate enhancement. 

If you have a fenced deck or patio, nothing looks more designed than led strip lights along that fence. Elevate everything about your backyard with fencing lights. It is not a budget buster to get a length of LED strips to surround your entire patio or deck, and with high quality HitLights LED strips, your installation will last for years, providing an extra element of enjoyment to a space you already probably love. 

One of the reasons we love this application of LED strip lights is that it’s still slightly undiscovered but produces an outsized attraction. Fences with LED lights look high-end, stylish, and designed with such a simple LED strip light application. Talk about satisfying. 

5. LED strip lights on any signage or yard art

While you’re outside, be sure to observe any opportunities to decorate signage—such as your house numbers or any signage boasting your name or address—or any yard art, like windmills, sculptures, wells, or the like. Does your landscaping feature any decorative iron work or pergolas or gazebos? These also can benefit from LED strip lights. 

Here’s a little perspective for you: most of these items have been placed in your landscape to serve some purpose, even if that purpose is aesthetic. By lighting up those yard features, their purpose isn’t limited to daytime hours. LED strip lights allow all these yard features to beautify your outdoors no matter the hour. Extend the impact of these items by lighting them for the evening hours. We’re confident you’ll find that not only will you enjoy the use of signs, sculptures, and other garden features by lighting them for the night, but each of those items will actually be improved by the LED strip lights. 

We love creative applications of LED strip lights and know that LED fans love experimenting with new ways to use LED strip lights. Our tech staff is ready to talk to you and help you get exactly the items you need to get your projects going. Give us a call now at 1 (855) 768-4135 to talk to one of our team members now. What are you working on? We’d love to partner with you for your next project—in your home, business, or office—or in any of the creative places we’ve explored here. Call us today! 

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