6 Benefits of Premium LED Light Strips

When you first look at our PREMIUM LED light strips, you may not notice a difference from other strips. But if you're holding them in your hands you can immediately feel the difference. That’s because our PREMIUM line is built for long life, while others are built for economy.

What makes the difference? Quality.

The biggest thing that sets our PREMIUM line apart from the competition is the thicker, higher quality copper we use to build our strips.

1. Durability

The most obvious benefit of thicker copper is durability. PREMIUM is less prone to creasing and will stand up to day to day use.

2. Brighter

Our PREMIUM strips are brightest we've ever made. That means they'll work just as great in the kitchen for task lighting as they will in a retail outlet for product displays.

3. Heat Management

Heat kills LEDs. The thicker copper, controls heat and takes it away from the diodes. Less heat equals longer life.

4. Long Life

That longer life is why PREMIUM is recommended for all long term installations like cove lighting in your living room or a window display in your store.

5. UL Listed

UL is an organization that tests and certifies electronic products and components. All of our PREMIUM strips meet their standards for safety and are UL Listed.

6. Longer Warranty

All of that, means we can give PREMIUM strips, a longer 6-year warranty.

Head over to HitLights.com to find out more about PREMIUM LED Light strips today.


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