Making LED Strip Lights Less Scary

LED light strips are scary to some people. But they don’t have to be. Let’s confront four common fears might scare someone off from tape lights.

#1: The Tape Doesn’t Stick

Our strips come with adhesive on the back that sticks to lots of surfaces. As long as you have a smooth, dry & clean surface, the included tape should work fine.

But sometimes you need to mount your lights on concrete or rough wood. You can use foam tape that sticks to more surfaces or strip clips that just screw in.

#2: What if an LED burns out?

Our LEDs are rated to last around 30,000 hours. And they should work for years. But sometimes stuff happens.

Stuff Happens

That’s why all of our strips carry at least a 1-year warranty to make sure your lights were built to the highest standards. And getting a replacement is simple. Just call us and we’ll send you a new one.

#3: Cut what?

You might have noticed your strips have lines all over. Those are spots you can easily cut your strips.

led light strip connector in hands open hitlights

And connecting two cut strips is easy with connectors. Just insert and snap closed.

#4: My phone exploded. Will my strips catch on fire?

It’s highly doubtful. First, our lights only use 12 Volts of electricity. So it would be difficult to even get a spark from them.

Secondly, our strips are built to high quality standards. These aren’t cheap hoverboards or exploding phones. They’re high quality lights that will last you a long time.

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