Are LED Strip Lights Healthy? 3 Ways LED Strip Lights Help Health

We live in an information age. Most of us live with a thousand years’ worth of wisdom just at our fingertips. There’s no end to the queries we can send to the internet. It’s almost to the point where if a question pops in our mind, we can’t not ask the internet for a response. In that spirit, we know that consumers and customers have questions about LED strip lights and one of the questions that arise from time to time involves the health impacts of LED strip lights. In the same way people want more information about the products they use, people also want to know more about health and living a healthier lifestyle. HitLights has some insights about how LED strip lights can help health. As we go forth, keep in mind we’re an amazing LED lighting company—not health experts! While we want to idea-share with you and give you something to think about, this commentary is for informational purposes only; always consult your own medical professionals for advice about you and your individual health situation.

1. Proper lighting can reduce accidents

It’s the health crisis no one thinks about. According to the CDC, unintentional injury from accidents are consistently one of the leading causes of death annually (often in the top 5 causes, and not counting auto accidents!)

This doesn’t even take into consideration injuries that don’t result in death—an accident can take someone out of the game for weeks or months, not to mention the pain endured, or how severe accidents can even leave a person permanently disabled. Have we made the point?? Accidents are no good!

Turn “danger zones’ into well-lit, accident avoidant areas with sufficient lighting. LED strip lights are the perfect solution to bring light to areas that otherwise would be hard to illuminate. An LED strip of the right length; with the right voltage; with enough diodes to do the job right can do far more than any single bulb can for properly lighting a room or area.

Pay special attention to areas where work or tasks are being conducted. Stairwells and ground with uneven or changing levels need extra consideration. Being able to see clearly is an easy way to avoid accidents at home or work.

Some HitLights favorites for making an environment safer by bringing in room-filling light include our COB strips (talk about a lot of light!) or our Premium 24 volt LED strip light. You also may want to consider our high-density LED strip lights (more diodes per square inch of strip) to pack a punch in your projects.

Take a look:

- Premium 24V LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 26.2ft

- Premium 24V COB LED Strip Light, Single Color (UL-Listed) 16.4ft

- Check out our entire line of High-Density LED Strip Lights for your next project

2. Proper sleep is not optional

Have you heard the term “sleep hygiene”? Gaining in popularity, focusing on proper sleep—quality of sleep as well as quantity of sleep—is being recognized as a significant factor in optimal health. Sleep hygiene refers to the conditions, habits, and routines you develop to achieve the best night of sleep you can, night after night.

What do wonderful LED strip lights have to do with a good night’s sleep? Lots of “bio hackers” turn to LED strip lights as the favorite lighting product to help their quest to get great Zzz’s. The overall concept is to tap into our bodies’ circadian rhythms—the natural cycle we each go through over the course of the day from waking; moving; refueling; winding down; and sleeping—how we would progress through each of those stages if we didn’t have the benefit of indoor lighting.

The concept continues to state that the advent of electricity and lighting in our homes interrupts some of the natural cycles we normally would experience outside of those modern conditions. If you have looked into sleep matters at all, one of the first recommendations is in regards to limiting “screen time” and especially looking at screens (our phones, computers, TVs, etc.) close to bedtime. What do these ideas have to do with LED strip lights?

The folks who are trying to make every night the best night’s sleep use practices like dimming lights inside to match the light level outside. You don’t have to resort to only living by candlelight. HitLights LED strip lights are dimmable so you can easily move the light output levels from full brightness to barely there with ease.

What if you tried a new “wind down” routine each evening where you dimmed the lights incrementally, bit by bit, throughout the evening until bedtime? Some Smart home fans even set up automatic systems where LED strip lights dim on a prescribed schedule. LED strip lights make this possible and easy to accomplish.

Our favorites for experimenting with bio hacks:

- Single color Luma5 gives you your brights and your cozy lows—now available in a complete kit bundle

  1. You don’t have to worry about toxins

Natural products are ruling the day and no one wants to bring any more dangerous materials into their home than is necessary. Toxins, as a word, sometimes get overused or applied to chemicals a little bit incorrectly. Laypeople often say “toxins” to refer to dangerous or harmful materials generally. But no matter how the term is used, with LED strip lights, toxic materials are not something you have to worry about.

HitLights LED strip lights are made from non-toxic materials, outside of trace amounts that are not believed to impact human health. This is part of the reason LED strip lights are considered a “green” or eco-friendly building product.

To get even more specific, LED strip lights do not contain mercury (found in many other types of lighting.)

In addition to the materials that make up LEDs, popular strip lights don’t have the same risk of breakage that other lighting types have. This means no broken glass or other precarious situations. Of course, use the same caution you would use with any broken object and dispose of with care; however a broken diode is thankfully not an extreme haz-mat scenario.

You can safely install and use HitLights in your kitchen, bathroom, children’s rooms—and more! All with the confidence that you are using a product that is safe to be around every member of your family.

Peek this:

HitLights 5050 RGB Color Changing

One of the best things about the LED industry as a whole is that research continues as we try to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers while pushing the innovation of our lighting forward. Developments are being made all the time, and HitLights is proud to be a part of the push ahead. We’re looking at a bright future with greater energy savings; more useful lighting solutions; safer, greener options; and yes, healthy products for consumers.

Would you like to get some more ideas from our Tech Support team, trained and ready to help you with all the products of HitLights? Give us a call now at 1 (855) 768-4135 and get started today. Here’s to your health! 

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