How safe are LED Strip Lights in your projects?

Anytime you start a new project, especially one that uses electricity, a natural question arises. “Is it safe?”

Anyone installing LED strip lights to enhance their living space, or provide smarter lighting, or for an eye-catching commercial installation has a duty to ask about the safety of LED strip lights.

The quick answer is that when installed correctly and using the appropriate light type for the application and location, LED lights are safe for home, patio, garage, office, and commercial use.

HitLights strip lighting has you covered in terms of the safety of all our lighting products. In this guide, we breakdown all the safety features and questions our users might ask. Let’s start with the most urgent concern: Fire Risk.

Are LED strip lights a fire hazard?

The risk of fire with LED lights is extremely low. Always start with a high-quality product like any of the HitLights selection of home and commercial-use LED strip lights.

Unfortunately, the growing popularity of strip lights have brought in poorly made, fly-by-night “knock-off” style strip lights from companies that dump their product on big online retailers and then disappear.

Selecting a premium product like strips from HitLights will start your project off with a safe product that will last for years to come.

If you fell under the spell of some lesser strip lights that might have saved pennies at the start, but looked cheap and unreliable, it might be wise to replace with quality now rather than take unnecessary risk.

Carefully note any fraying or broken/worn wiring; replace with strip lighting from HitLights immediately if you notice any of those flaws in the cheaper lights.

Always purchase the right LED strip lights for the job and application. This will help your project be a success, but it will also minimize the already minimal fire risk. You’ll find in the HitLights catalog LED strips for indoor; outdoor; water resistant and waterproof lights; accessories and connectors specially suited to HitLights strip lighting.

Choose the right lights for the location you would like to illuminate for best results. Our top-notch, LED knowledgeable customer service staff are ready to help you pick the right lights for your situation so you don’t have to guess or worry that you picked the wrong strip light for the job.

How to safely install LED strip lights. 

Each set of HitLights strip lighting comes with instructions; follow instructions for successful installation. Beyond that, there are several practices that will maintain the safety of your LED strip light installation, including when cutting and mounting strip lights. Always make sure all strip lighting is unplugged from any power source before installing, cutting, or mounting.

Cutting: The ability to cut LED strip lights is one of the features that make our HitLights products so customizable. You can simply cut any of our HitLights strip lights along the pre-marked cut lines. Do not cut strip lights anywhere except for the pre-marked lines. The pre-marked lines protect the wiring and integrity of the strip.

Installing: We’ve all heard the adage, “measure twice; cut once.” Create a plan for your LED strip lighting project before installing, assessing your material needs before you start. Our pro HitLights team can help you plan any installation.

When planning for a safe installation, never connect more than the recommended number of strips together and make sure to have a sufficient number of connectors and caps before you start.Never install LED strip lighting on a flammable surface and never place foil or other makeshift material under your lights to try and create a barrier.

Which brings us to…

Mounting: Avoid the kludge! What’s a kludge? Kludge are those terrible “hacks” or piecemeal solutions that barely hold a fix together; in other words, they are the wrong tool for the job, usually used out of desperation.

Not only are kludge installations unnecessary with HitLights, they can also create danger where no danger existed before.

HitLights offers super-stick, stay-in-place double tape and complete accessory kits to safely install the lights. Don’t use duct tape or nails or staples or other kludge to apply the lights in your project.

What makes LED lighting safe? 

There are several key reasons the safety of LED lights can be relied on, starting with the factor that sets LEDs apart from old-style incandescent bulbs—the D in LED—the diode.

While old bulbs have a filament that conducts electricity (and as anyone knows who has touched a bulb accidentally—can get hot!) the diode is a semiconductor light source.

Generally, LED lights are thought to be more “physically robust” than regular lightbulbs; meaning, the physical structure of LEDs is stronger than a lightbulb, avoiding the breakage that is common to old style bulbs.

LED lights can get lukewarm or even very warm with extended use; employ common sense precautions like avoiding direct contact and being aware of strip lights that have been on for an extended length of time.

Are LED strip lights UL listed?

Our customers often look for the UL logo to prove Underwriters Laboratories has verified the product to be assured of the safety of electrical products as UL has been setting standards and testing products since 1894.

HitLights is proud to be UL Listed and offer a selection of UL listed strip lights. If your project requires UL listed lighting—either for peace of mind or due to local municipal regulation—you’ll be able to find lights to fit your need.

Are LEDs safe for children and pets?

LED strip lights are safe for home applications. Check installed lights for trailing cords that could be a tripping hazard or dangling connectors that could be interesting for curious toddlers. Keep uninstalled lighting spools out of reach from kids as you would any raw material.

LED strip lights are made with non-toxic materials and are frequently considered a “green” lighting option.

Some concern has been raised in the past about pets seeing a strobe effect from LED lights that is invisible to humans. Avoiding direct contact and prolonged exposure are good practices for pets, but concerns about LED strip lights are considered minimal for our furry family members.

LED strip lights are a safe option. 

With minimal fire risk, easy installation, and customizable applications, LED strip lights are a great advantage for home and business. With HitLights, you can always refer to our how-to resources or contact our knowledgeable support team to help you with your project.

We have the right accessories, double-sided tape, connectors, caps, and more to make your project live up to your expectations, while maintaining maximum safety. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re here to help. Get the light where you want, how you want—safely with HitLights.

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