Bright LED Light Strips: Why Are These Becoming So Popular Now?

The in thing with lighting right now is backlighting or hidden lighting. Nothing looks more trendy than the subtle elegance offered by high-density LED strip lights that can easily transform any furniture, room, and outdoor space.

Learn more about what makes LED strip lights so good that they’re becoming so popular these days!

Easy to DIY

Most of us enjoy decorating our own homes. Not only does it make us feel well-put-together, but it also saves us money.

One of the biggest appeals of LED strip lights is they are easy to do yourself. You can purchase LED strips, cut them into the length you need, and install them in a matter of minutes. And the best thing about them is that they don’t look DIY at all!

LED strips let you achieve professional results at a low cost and in just a handful of minutes. It’s no wonder why LED strip lighting is the bright new kid around the block!

Wide Range of Options 

What’s more fun than DIY-ing? It’s having a wide range of options with which to choose your DIY material!

When it comes to shopping for LED strip lights, one can select their density, wattage, as well as color. You can have low or high-density LED strip lights, and decide between various shades of white lighting or go for RGB lighting!


You never know when you’ll need bright lights and dim lights. So why not have both at the palm of your hand?

LED strip lights can be customized with a dimmer. You can have bright light to boost your energy during the day and enjoy a cozy ambiance by dimming the lights at night or during the weekends!

Versatile, Dynamic and Flexible

Instead of choosing a specific kind of lighting for different purposes, LED strip lights fit many use cases!

They can serve as a great backlight for a countertop, bar, or vanity. They can be used to decorate a platform or signage. And they can be used both in formal, as well as casual settings. Not to mention, they can also be used both indoors and outdoors!

With IP ratings, some LED strip lights are waterproof and can safely be used to light up walkways, pool decks, and any outdoor fixture.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Last but not least, LED strip lights are practical. They last a lot longer than incandescent lights, they produce less heat, and because they are dimmable, they can consume less energy.

All of these contribute to savings, making LED strip lights hard to beat as a lighting option!

Buy LED Strip Lights

Whatever your project, HitLights’ LED strip lights can do it for you. Our catalog of UL-listed LED strip lights come with everything from low to high density LED strip lights—in various lengths, and in several color options.

We also offer a six-year warranty and hassle-free returns to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their LED strip lights. Visit HitLights today to find the right lighting solution for your needs!

To speak to our LED stip lights expert, contact us at 855-768-4135 at HitLights today!

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