How Can Lighting Pros Use 24 Volt LED Strip Lights

HitLights has a whole line of LED strips lights, created with the lighting Pro in mind. In honor of our HitLights Pro Series, we have tips for the types of projects that you can bring to your clients for maximum impact. Can offering LED strip lights help your business? We’ve got some ideas for you!

If you are an independent contractor or other lighting Pro, make sure you take a look at the 24V Series collection to see our entire line of 24v LED strip lights,  24v  dimmable drivers, power supplies—even our EZDim® integrated switches, combining an n dimmer switch and low-voltage LED power supply into a single integrated unit. After seeing the types of products featured in the Pro Series, we’re guessing the next question you ask is: where do you get started installing these 24v LED strip lights for all your clients. As usual HitLights is here to help. 

What is the 24v LED Strip Light Difference? 

With the launch of our 24v product line, we’ve written before about how both 12v and 24v HitLights LED strip lights are both top notch, quality products, so it’s not a question of one voltage being “better” than the other. Rather, the real question is what are you using the LED strip lights for? The ultimate purpose of the LED strip light in your project should determine which voltage you use. 

Some quick questions to ask yourself about the installation to help guide your decision between 12v and 24v:

- How much light output do you really need? In other words, are the LED strip lights a primary light source or accent lighting?

- How will these lights be powered?  Some novices only think about sticking up a strip of LED lights without considering what or how these lights are going to get power. We’re just going to jump ahead and let you know we’ve got the power supplies Pros need and know how to handle (like our 24v 96 Watt DC Power Supply (UL Listed)—a top product for our Pro customers.)

Once you’ve assessed these two questions, you’ll be in a stronger position to advise your customers. 

Tip: Recommend 24v LED strip lights when the strip will be the primary light source. If brighter, more prominent light would be suitable for your application—including under cabinet lighting and closet lighting, suggest to your client to use 24v LED strip. You’ll get the benefit of a satisfied customer (getting the bright light they want) while promoting an option they might not be aware of. Most consumers (event the most handy folks) are less familiar with LED strip lights in the 24 voltage category. The average person who knows anything about LEDs probably thinks 12v when they consider these lights. Knowing about and making a fitting recommendation of 24v gives you an advantage of positioning, naturally giving you increased authority on the topic. 

How Can Pros Use LED Strip Lights for Clients? 

3 top locations to suggest 24v LED strip lights for clients:

  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Closet lighting
  • Uplight coving

We’ll kick things off talking about under cabinet lighting.

It’s not a surprise that under cabinet lighting is on this list. Under cabinet lighting might be the most popular use for LED strip lights in homes. We know that from talking to our customers, that under cabinet LED strip lights are a very common LED strip light “entry project” or first LED strip light installation home improvers try out. 

When discussing under cabinet lighting with your clients, you can promote the reason to use 24v LED strip lights under your customer’s cabinets is that the light will completely bathe the counters with crisp, vibrant white light. A strip of this voltage can serve as the main light source instead of an obvious accent—or decorative light—that comes from the 12v LED strip lights. 

How about closet lighting?

There’s nothing more exciting than a closet that bursts with light. Talk about a luxury experience at an economical price (and relative ease of installation.) A lot of our HitLights staff are big fans of LED strip light projects that give what we call “outsized impact.” Anything that makes a huge improvement with a small investment of time and equipment falls in with this idea. Closet lighting using 24v LED strip lights like our 26.2 ft long Premium 24V LED Light Strip is a great example. Add a simple door switch and your customers are going to rave and rave about your work. 

Uplight coving is a no-brainer.

Home improvers have really been at it for the last few years and the trend of installing a variety of coving is going strong. If your customers are making these additions to any spaces, it’s easy to upgrade the project by giving the finishing touch of LED strip lights. In this instance, the use of a 24v LED strip light would be to enable the customer to control the dramatic feel of the lighting. Plan on using a 24v compatible dimmable driver for flicker-free dimming. That way the customer can bring on high light levels for full output lighting all the way to bringing the lights low for more of an accent. So many options from one installation. No sacrifices from your clients! 

This list has focused mainly on home-based projects. But as you know, there are all kinds of commercial applications, too. If you have restaurant or retail location customers—the demand for professional grade 24v LED strip lighting is already there. The next step is letting your customers know you can help them with their LED lighting needs.

How Can You Let Clients Know You Offer LED Strip Light Installation as a Service? 

We love to talk to Pros like you, especially our Business Accounts for Professionals clients, because we believe in helping Pros expand the services they offer customers, which in turn expands and grows your business. 

We’ve found that a lot of professionals don’t necessarily know about 24v LED strip lights or that customers are looking for someone besides themselves to actually install the lights. (They are!) A top benefit of offering LED strip light installation is differentiation—you will be doing something that not a ton of your competition will do. 

  • Announce it! While on the job (or when giving estimates, etc.) make it a part of your regular communication that you install LEDs. This simple step often gets left out or overlooked. Include a note about LED light installations on invoices, any social media, websites, or other materials.
  • WOM—word of mouth. Always ask your clients to spread the word. Tip: when asking for a referral try this: ask your customer to think of one person that might benefit from LED lighting installations. This is visual (gets the customer to think of a person they know; a picture pops in their head) and specific (one person as opposed to anyone… or “someone” which can turn into no one.) Visual and specific are key persuasion elements and we all know that sales are in many ways a persuasion game. 
  • Figure out which LED strip lights applications you like best or that you think have the greatest positive impact. Look for opportunities to suggest those applications when appropriate. If you can create a vivid image of what a space will look like with LED strip lights installed, that can be potently persuasive for your client. 

By the way, when we talk about persuasion, we are not suggesting anything unethical or pushy or “salesy”—all things Pros should avoid! In this context, we mean persuasive in terms of presenting options, letting customers know about all their choices, giving good counsel, and ultimately maximizing satisfaction. 

There is nothing more persuasive than being totally thrilled with a job well done! If you create a whole new look and feel in the home of customer, with no hassle and using quality, built-to-last products like any of our HitLights Pro Series, your customers will be happy to be added to your “sales team.”

The Ultimate Advantage Pros Like You Have When It Comes to 24v LED Lighting Solutions

We know that lots of people associate LED strip lights with DIY projects. We hope that in this piece, you’ve learned some ways that—as a Pro—you can use 24v LED strip lights to set yourself apart from the competition and complete installations that exceed customer expectations. There’s one final factor to consider which we think of as your ultimate advantage… one thing we just mentioned: complete

You’ll notice in our Pro Series that HitLights offers you everything you need to get the pro installation done. We’ve talked about all the equipment separately—the LED strip lights; the dimmable drivers; the power supplies. But now consider that you have the experience and expertise to use each of these items together to complete the installation. There is nothing worse than a half done, abandoned project that becomes an eyesore or worse, a source of guilt (“Man, I really dropped the ball on that one. Another unfinished project.”) or dread (“Ugh, I really gotta finish that installation!”) 

Novices sometimes start an installation without understanding the full scope of the project or what’s needed to get the result they want. Pros know and understand the full picture before beginning and know (and have!) the right equipment for the job. The ultimate advantage you have is that every project will get done and will get done right with the right products from HitLights. . right! 

Still have questions? We can talk to you! If you want to bring your plans to one of our knowledge-based support team members, they can help you make the final decision on which LED strip lights; which 24v LED power supply set-ups; or what 24v dimmable LED drivers are going to be the best choice for your installation. Call us today at 1 (855) 768-4135

You are our Pros! Calling all contracting professionals, designers, or independent electricians? You may want to take our advice and have a cache of our 24v   LED drivers since they are so handy and useful. When placing your order, ask about our HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals—especially if you are looking for a LED strip wholesale supplier or want to expand the LED strip installations you offer, we’re here to help. Reach out and call today

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