Close Encounters of the Drone Kind

If you're like me and you follow a lot of DIY and Tech sources online, you've probably seen plenty of quadcopter/drone videos in the past year.  These nifty devices have been advancing quite a bit, and have attracted attention fromhobbyists, extreme sports enthusiasts, photographers, videographers, etc.  Even now, is considering using them for automated delivery for your online purchases!

Many quadcopters are being used to film scenes from entirely new angles and generate soaring shots.  This DIY quadcopter (made by Stratus Productions) serves a slightly different purpose, as an extremely versatile light that can be used for nighttime photography, camping, and many more depending on your creativity.

The quadcopter holds 10 LED's, each of which run on 10 watts of battery power.  With that amount of LED's, this quadcopter wields the power of roughly 500 watts of incandescent lighting while only using 100 watts of power!  Check out the photos below to see how this light can really make nighttime photography pop!


Photos from Stratus Productions.

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