Extreme Christmas LED Lights

Today we’re talking Christmas lights by HitLights.

I know there are some wide-eyed Christmas optimists out there, and you’re looking for the brightest, longest lasting lights to decorate for the Holidays. Here are some ways LED strips can brighten up your festivities.


Adding HitLights standard Luma5 strips Inside your house to mantels over the fireplace  is a super easy way to create some sparkle.

Window Displays

If you want to show off your incredible indoor Christmas decorations, create a window display. An LED light strip around the window will definitely get noticed by the neighbors.

Outdoor Decorations

Our strips can go anywhere and light anything like outside your house. IP65 Luma 10 RGB strips could light up lawn ornaments, wreaths or…. blinding hot messes.

Too much? (via Sharp)


Dreaming Strips

And if you wanted to make any of these really fancy, Dreaming strips add mesmerizing animations to any lighting installation.

If you’d like to learn more about LED strip lights by HitLights, click here for more information.

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