Get the Hook Up! 5 LED Strip Light Accessories You Need for Lighting Success

Okay, it’s true—at HitLights, we give a lot of love to LED strip lights because the LED strips are the main event when it comes to installing a lighting project. But did you know there are several key accessories that you need in order to create the look you want? LED strip light accessories are the tools and hardware that allow LED strip lights to be one of the most flexible and functional lighting systems on the market today. We’re going to help you get to know some of the most valuable accessories offered by HitLights so you can install any LED strip light (nearly) anywhere without hassle or hang-ups or failures. 

Ready to accessorize? Here are 5 LED strip light accessories you need to know (and soon will love.) 

Solderless Strip Light Connectors and Extensions

What these are: The connector that joins two LED strip lights. 

Solderless strip light connectors and extensions are the simple and frustration-free way to join two LED strip lights with a snap. These pieces also connect your led strip light to a power supply or dimmer. 

When to use: Solderless connectors are used when turning corners with LED strip lights—imagine you cut your LED strip light (on one of the demarcated cut lines) and want your lights to make a 90 degree angle. A solderless connector can be used to reconnect the cut LED strips and the flexible wires of the connector make the new angle possible. 

Have a gap? If you wondered about the “extension” part of this item’s name, its time has come. Sometimes an LED strip light installation will feature one strip light that “breaks” to allow for furnishings, windows, or other similar features—a set up that creates a gap between segments of the LED strip light. Solderless connectors and extensions are the solution to bridge that gap. 

The best part about these devices is that no tools are required to install the connectors. No electrical experience is necessary—a simple snap locks the connector into place. Durable, safe, secure: you can rely on the connection the solderless connector provides. 

You should know: There are different solderless connectors and extensions depending on if the LED strip light is single color or multi-color. Make sure you match your connector to the color output of LED strip light you are using (multi-color lights need multi-color connectors; single color lights need single color connectors. Easy!)

Pins: You may notice that several of HitLights’ connectors feature pins or add-on pin connectors. Pins are used when joining cut pieces of LED strip lights (as opposed to the finished ends of two intact LED strip lights.)

You can rely on all the HitLights solderless connectors and extensions. If you’ve ever seen an amateur installation of an LED strip light where to make a corner turn they create a loop in the LED strip light (a bad idea that can create a “hot spot” or crimp or damage the actual LED strip) that person was avoiding using a simple, snap-in-place connector (either out of laziness or ignorance.) There’s no reason not to use the proper connector. HitLights’ solderless connectors and extensions will bend or twist without breaking. Get the pro look you want with the right connector for the job. It’s that simple. 

Meet the Accessories: 

10mm (5050) Solderless LED Light Strip Connectors and Extensions : RGB Multicolor - Strip to 4 Pin (4 Pack): Use this connector for your multi-colored LED strip lights. The connectors come in a 4-pack to help your project along. Pins are included to connect cut pieces of LED strip light. Easy snap to lock makes this connector a dream to use. 

5 Inch Any Angle 8mm Solderless LED Light Strip Connector : Single Color (4 Pack): Using the full strip of your single-color LED strip light? Here’s your connector. A convenient package of 4 connectors for one low price. The same lock-in-place connection gives you a secure finish. Particularly useful for undercounter lighting projects! Installing LED strip lights under your cabinets? Don’t forget to add these connectors to your shopping cart.

Gapless 8mm Solderless LED Light Strip Connector : No gap to bridge? No problem! If all you need is to connect two LED strip lights—you don’t need any turns or cuts or to extend across any gaps—we are pleased to offer you a gapless strip connector. Perfect for applications that are creating continuous, uninterrupted lighting.

If you didn’t see the exact connector you are looking for in the list above, we have our complete offering of solderless connectors and extensions on our website. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable tech support staff. They’re connection experts, ready to get you the hardware you need now. 


What these are: These specialized connectors carry the electricity from your power supply unit to your LED strip lights.  

Lights need electricity! (Lights that don’t need electricity are called candles.) The electricity in your walls needs a way to get from the outlet to a power supply (converting the AC electricity to DC power that can work with your LED lights.) The power supply unit needs a special connector to join the LED strips. That’s where one of our DC splitters comes in. 

When to use: One of the main differences you’ll notice about LED strip lights is that you cannot simply plug them directly into the wall with a standard plug. Instead, LED strip lights function with their own power supply that adapts the standard electricity of a home into a voltage that is compatible with your LED strip lights. Because of this set up, you will need these kinds of connectors with every LED strip light project that uses a power supply unit.

You should know: These wires are all about power! Their whole function is to power the LED strip lights from the power unit. 

Also, be aware that if your light installation is at a distance from the power unit, these connectors may have to be extended in order to make the necessary connection. Read more about voltage drop here.

The splitter accessories we’re about to introduce work hand in glove with each other (as you soon will learn.)

Meet the Accessories: 

DC Jack Splitter - 2 Way: This handy little wire is the first line from the power supply, on the way to the actual LED strip light. The connector enables you to use one power supply output and split it into two runs or sections. Plug directly into the power supply and then join with…

Strip to DC Jack 8mm Solderless LED Light Strip Connector : Single Color (4 Pack): One end of this unit plugs into the DC jack splitter; the other snaps and locks to your LED light strip. Voila! Power is moving!

Explore the HitLights collection of LED Light Strip Connectors and Accessories on our website

If you still have questions or if all these accessories and options have you a little intimidated, please know you don’t have to go it alone. Our tech support staff want you to be successful in any way you are using our HitLights products—even when it comes to snapping in connections! Don’t hesitate to give us a call now at 1 (855) 768-4135. to get the assistance you need. Our staff can also help you know which accessories you’ll need for your project so there’s no delay or snags. Consider your LED strip lighting project accessorized! 

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