If you’ve ever tried to work on a detailed project in a space with little or no light, you know how frustrating it can be. It can be difficult to find lighting that brightens up a tiny or awkward space without getting in the way.

Stumped on a lighting solution for your small space? Here are a few ideas for lighting your home and work areas so you can focus on the task at hand.

Light Under-Cabinet Areas

With the attention to detail that cooking requires, it’s no wonder that professional kitchens are very bright. Because valuable counter space is often located directly under cabinets, LED light strips attached to the undersides of cabinets and shelves add the perfect amount of illumination to a cooking space. Bonus: With those lights in place, you can make a late-night snack without turning all the lights.

Use LED to Light Workstations

Working in low light can cause eye strain, and your productivity can decline. If you’ve ever had to read paperwork in the early morning or at night, you know how annoying that can be. By installing LED light bulbs, which are bright, low-wattage and high-efficiency, you can quickly eliminate a headache at work.


Get a Better Look at Your Wardrobe

Although many people would like more light in their closets, it can be tricky to install lighting in a confined area. This is especially true if that closet is in an older home with limited space. LED strips are a handy solution for closets. By placing LED light strips on the interior of the closet frame or on the ceiling, you can clearly see what you’re wearing before you go to work. (Matched socks: check.)


Light Hobby Areas at Home

Hobby areas are commonly located in a dimly lit room such as a garage or basement. Many times, hobbyists only have time to work on their projects in the evening. If you have ever had to work on a car or build a model in the dark, you know it can be frustrating to say the least. Why not add some LED strip lights to line your desk or use flood lights like PAR20 bulbs to illuminate your garage? We offer bulbs that fit spotlight, floodlight, and other task lighting applications to light any area effectively. Click the image to see Louis's LED project!


Light Computer Interiors with LEDs

Many dedicated video gamers enjoy building their own high-speed, graphics-oriented computers -- and to be able to swap out components with ease. Installing color-changing LED strip lights to the interior of the computer case makes this a breeze. Bonus: The computer case can be set to glow at the press of a button on a remote control.


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