How to mount LED light strips

1. How do I use my LED Strip Adhesive?

Before you go peeling the adhesive off and just slapping your LED light strips up, there's a little prep work you may need to do. First thing's first, make sure that the surface you plan on mounting your strip to is smooth and relatively level, while our strips can certainly turn corners, to sharp of a turn can potentially damage strips in the long run. Next, check the mounting site to make sure it is dry and free clear of potential irritants like dirt or other particulate matter. Once your mounting site is ready, go ahead and peel back the adhesive backing to expose theglue, then attach the strip directly to your chosen site. This adhesive should be more than enough for most indoor projects and even many outdoor projects, as long as the surface site is dry, smooth, and clean.

2. How long will the lights stay mounted?

Assuming that you've mounted the LED light strip indoors and that the mounting site met all of the criteria laid out in the last answer, they should last as long as the lights themselves (maybe even longer!) However, if the area where the lights have been mounted is humid, or the strips are physically bumped or jostled, then the strip may droop in affected spots after some time. No need to worry though! Those saggy areas can remounted with glue or one of our accessory products like mounting tape or mounting clips. Before remounting though, check the area the strip has begun to droop off of, there's a chance an irritant or moisture was behind the strip losing its grip! Once you've re-secured the strip to the mounting site, your strip should be right back to normal and good as new!

LED Strips Mounted Outdoors - Will the standard adhesive hold up outside?

I really wish I could give you a straight yes or no answer on this, but unfortunately it's a pretty variable answer depending on the circumstances. Just with mounting indoors, first make sure your mounting site is smooth, dry and clean. If you'll be mounting in a more humid environment, then the adhesive probably won't last as long as it would indoors. However, if mounted in a pretty dry, temperate climate then your adhesive should work just fine. Although, if you'd rather not take the chance of the strip's adhesive failing, then there are a lot of other options you can go with. We offer a strong foam mounting tape that can easily handle outdoor environments, and mounting clips are resistant to even more. However, if you want a mounting solution that can stand up to anything that isn't a pair of scissors, then zip-ties are your best friend, if your mounting site will allow for them.

4. What do I use for waterproof strips with no included adhesive?

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you plan on mounting these waterproof LED light strips completely underwater, then glue or other adhesives just wont work. So for waterproof strips, the mounting solution is really up to what you want it to be. 

Zip-ties are always a great go to if your project allows for them, but sometimes you may not have something that a zip-tie can wrap around. In cases like this, you may need to get a little heavy duty and turn to more industrial mounting applications, like metal wire clips or large staples over the strip (not through them obviously!) If you don't want to take a trip to the hardware store then sometimes a nail carefully bent over the strip can work just fine