How to Make a Photography Light With LED Strips

This video explains how to re-purpose a baking pan to work as an extremely bright LED lighting panel.  The panel can be used for photography and video work, and all of the materials cost a fraction of a finished LED panel.

This panel is lightweight, doesn't generate much heat, and includes a ball-head mount so it's compatible with all sorts of tripods and lighting stands.  Even though this project includes lots of soldering, none of it is very difficult so it makes a great 'first' soldering project.

Alternatively, if you want the job done as easily and quickly as possible, our LED Strip Connectors could be used to avoid all of the soldering in the video.  One other note: this DIY set-up used a PWM dimmer, which may not be the best choice for film.  For advanced film use, I would recommend using a constant current reduction (CCR) dimmer along with a dimmable driver instead to keep the lights from strobing in videos.

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