1. How do you charge LED Battery Packs?

It's really quite easy, but it's not as simple as some other devices that only need you to plug them into a charger. The two available battery packs have the same charging method, but going about it will differ slightly between the two. First things first for both the 3800 Milli-amp and 6000 Milli-amp battery packs need to be turned on before they can be charged.   Each battery pack has a red LED indicator light to show that it is turned on.  Plug the battery pack into the charger, and make sure the charger is plugged into the wall. It will take eight hours for an empty battery pack to fully charge, so please, plan ahead!

2. What do the lights on the wall charger mean?

Now these two lights are even simpler than the charging instructions. I know, it really can't get much simpler than a three step charge, but bear with me here. The red light on your wall charger is there to show whether or not it has any power whatsoever. The green light means something totally different though. The green light comes on when the battery pack is fully charged. See? I told you it was simpler that the charging process!

3. What if the green light doesn't come on after 8 hours of charging?


Have you checked to see if other appliances in your home are working? If not, you may have lost power and should contact your power company. Barring that highly likely scenario, check to make sure the battery pack itself is in the "on" position for the battery pack to charge. If it is turned "on", and the charger is lit up, then it's time for a little bit of testing. Try checking to see if your LED rechargeable battery pack will power your lights for an appropriate amount of time. If not, give us a call at  1 (855) 768-4135, we'll help you check it out!

4. How long should the battery pack last?

Here is our Battery Life Calculator to help you out.

The battery packs are rated in milli-amp hours, either thirty-eight hundred or six thousand milli-amp hours. To determine how many amps your strips are drawing, you’ll need to find their wattage, so let’s use a really easy example. A standard density Luma5 2835 LED light strip draws 21.31 watts and it is 12V rated, now take the wattage and divide it by twelve (which is the voltage rating), that’s your amp draw, or 1.77 amps. Now multiply your amp draw by one thousand, that’s your milli-amp draw, so for the 3800 battery pack and a standard density Luma5 2835 LED light strip, your battery pack will last 3800/1775 =2.14 hours, or 128 minutes. Here’s the general formula: (watt draw) / 12=A, A x 1000=M, Battery Pack Milli-amps / M= hours of battery life. I hope this helps you plan your battery pack outings!

5. What can the battery pack power?

The battery packs and bigger batteries can power up LED Strips! Like that in campers or your trailer trucks when you are on the go. That's the whole answer. I wish I had more to tell you, but alas, another question will have to suffice.

We hope this short blog helped you with your questions about battery packs and how they work. 

If you have any additional questions? We're here to help, contact us at 
customerservice@hitlights.com or 1-855-768-4135. Our expert team of electricians and engineers will help you every step of the way!


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