How to Use Dimmable Drivers with LED Strip Lights

One of the best things about being a part of the LED lighting industry is that HitLights has enjoyed a front row seat to the growth and expansion of a true technological innovation. We often note how LED lighting is the only genuine improvement in a generation to a revolutionary product—the incandescent lightbulb. 

The initial breakthrough was the light emitting diode; and from that time, LEDs continue to improve—whether it’s improved color tone (or heck, producing an eye-popping array of gorgeous colors) or having the option to dim LED strip lights evenly across a spectrum of low-and-slightly-on to full-on, bright as bright can be. Dimmers add a whole extra aspect to LED strip lights, a function that is very desirable to include when installing LED strip lights. There are a couple of specialized factors when it comes to LED strip lights and dimming. HitLights has the know how and suggestions to give you confidence about all things dimming when it comes to your LED strip lights. 

Are LED strip lights dimmable?

Yes, LED strip lights can be dimmable. Most modern LED strip lights are dimmable, but check the product description to confirm LED strip lights are compatible with that function. 

Some of the reasons why people choose to have dimmable LED strip lights are for aesthetics and function. Low lights convey mood, relaxation, quiet times, going from day to night (and night to day!) Bright lights convey energy, excitement, safety and security—even positivity. It might seem obvious that the ability to dim increases the function of your LED strip lights, but consider that mean your LED strip lights can be both accent lighting and task lighting, depending on where you set the dimmer. If you have the option, there’s almost no reason not to opt for dimming with your own LED strip lights.

Can you use a dimmer switch on an LED strip light?

Dimmable LED strip lights can have a dimmer switch, but you need to pair the lights and switch with a device called a dimmable driver. The LED dimmable driver serves two purposes: it converts the high voltage AC power source to low voltage DC output, suitable for the home environment. A dimmable driver is also the place where the electrical flow is controlled in such a way that makes the lights dim. A total layperson way to understand the dimmable LED driver is to think of it as the “brain” between the LED strip light and the dimming switch. 

In a practical sense, the dimmable LED driver solves a problem. The driver keeps all the wires and cords under control and in one spot which can be installed out of sight for your installation (such as in your walls) allowing your LED strip lights to be controlled in a manner very similar to traditional rheostat switch-controlled lighting. 

The dimmable driver you choose matters! Luckily, HitLights offers top of industry dimmable drivers that are the favorite of independent contractors, independent electricians, and all kinds of lighting pros. (Some of our longtime customers are so loyal to our dimmable drivers, we have to remind them we offer lights, too! We love that you love the dimmers, but don’t forget the lights part of HitLights!)

We’ve already touched on some of the reasons people like to have the choice of dimming their LED strip lights. But there are deeper reasons people are opting for dimming.

What is Circadian Lighting?

Circadian Lighting is the concept of matching the lighting around you to the various stages the human body goes through in 24-hours, also known as the circadian cycle. Some examples of this would be having lights low first thing in the day, even maybe before the sun is up. Then, as the day is in full swing, and the sun is high in the sky, lights can be full and bright. Afternoon falls into evening; the lights begin to get lower until it’s bedtime. 

The idea is that these adjustments to light will support your body’s natural flow through the day, and that your health could be positively impacted by working with the natural transition your body goes through in a day

Have you noticed lots of information right now floating around about the importance of sleep? You may have even noticed the term “sleep hygiene” circulating. More and more research is showing how important sleep is to our overall health. It’s not just a matter of getting the right number of hours of sleep, but high-quality sleep is essential to our health. 

If you’re wondering what this has to do with dimmable lights, the connection comes back to those circadian rhythms. What if as it got closer to your bedtime, you intentionally dimmed the lights—maybe signaling to your brain that it’s time to get ready for sleep. What if instead of throwing on the lights first thing in the morning, you gradually made your spaces brighter and brighter, after starting from a soft lighting that mirrors the dawn? 

Nearly all the information about getting better sleep suggests that things like blue light—that’s right, everyone scrolling on their phones right before trying to sleep—is doing themselves a disservice. It’s also a frequent suggestion to control the light in the room as a way to improve sleep. 

How does light dimming relate to stress? 

One of the reasons sleep is such a popular topic—in addition to the overall health benefits—is how proper sleep can help with stress. Stress is often in the news, and for good reason. Stress has distinct negative impacts on our health. It’s always a popular topic to cover, because we always have to watch out that our stress levels stay manageable. Can dimmable lights help with stress? Let’s give it a try! 

Picture coming home after a hard day at work. Maybe you want bright task lights in the kitchen so you can efficiently help with dinner. Once it’s time to sit down and eat, try taking the lights down a bit, striking a bit of a mood to enjoy dinner by. Maybe it feels a bit more intimate, somehow a bit more special. After dinner, some relaxation in a room where the lights are at a mid-level. You can feel your body relaxing, responding to the setting. 

If you started to feel your stress dissipating just while reading that paragraph, imagine how much more relaxed you’ll feel in the actual setting. All made possible by having your dimmer equipped LED strip lights ready to go

Are you thinking about this for your clients? Our lighting pros and independent contractors can be the hero for clients by suggesting adding a dimming option for most LED strip light installations. With your know-how and experience, and HitLights expertise, you’re going to be able to enhance all the jobs you complete for your clientele.

It’s not just utility. Now you can opt for dimmable lights using the best LED dimmable driver not just for good looks, but also to try and improve your quality of life, too. 

If you want to talk to a capable HitLights staffer about dimmable drivers or any other piece of equipment needed to get your LED strip lights installed and dimmed to whatever level you choose, HitLights is here to help. Call us now at 1 (855) 768-4135. to get the insight and assistance you need from our knowledgeable team that hates hassle as much as you do. 

I’ve Still Got Some Questions

Q: Do LED strip lights flicker when dimmed?

A: HitLights LED strip lights offer you flicker-free dimming. No flicker! In fact, you’ll notice the smooth function of the dimming when using our LED dimmable drivers. 

Q: I’ve heard LED dimmers have problems. Is this true? 

A: With HitLights dimmable drivers there is NO buzzing, NO overheating. HitLights dimmable drivers are UL listed and backed by our better-than-industry standard 6-year warranty. 

Q: Why do you suggest independent contractors and electricians have a supply of these drivers on hand? Is this just an upsell technique?

A: Having the right LED dimmable driver makes the difference between a job installation done and a job that takes two (or more!) visits to get wrapped. We know that we’ve got the right dimmable driver for your installs and we want you to avoid the hassle that wastes your time and prevents you from getting more business. 

You are going to love this piece of equipment and there is little risk in having this useful and helpful item in your possession.

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