5 Ways to Choose Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Outdoor LED strips offer bright lighting and plenty of customizability without consuming a lot of energy. And with amazing protection, LED strip lights make a great option for outdoor lighting.

But when looking for LED strip lights for your outdoor use, there’s more to consider than simply looking for an IP-67 rating, especially if you are in the market for outdoor LED strips.

Check out the five ways you can choose the right outdoor LED strip lights for your next lighting project!

What Will You Be Lighting?

The first and most important consideration when choosing outdoor LED strips is determining what you will be lighting. There are a multitude of spaces outdoors and lighting up a wide-open space like a walkway or sidewalk is going to have different lighting requirements than an outdoor billboard or patio decor.

When the space you plan to light up is wider, you will need higher density and higher output lighting for enough illumination. For instance, you may need industrial lighting with up to 950 lumens per foot to illuminate a sidewalk, whereas you may get away with only using 500 to 1000 lumens per foot if you’re lighting up a porch.

This is incredibly important, especially for outdoor lighting that should provide security or prevent accidents.

What Kind of Lighting Do You Need?

Once you’ve identified what you will be lighting, the next step is to determine the type of lighting you will need.

For practical outdoor lighting in walkways, patios, and staircases, it’s usually better to go for white LED strips with a color temperature that can be adjusted anywhere from 2700K to 6500K to fit any occasion.

Meanwhile, if you’re lighting up a pool deck, an outdoor bar, or signage, then UL-listed LED strips with a single color can be a great idea for better illumination. You have two colors to choose from, such as cool white and warm white.

These types of LED strips are waterproof which is perfect for the outdoor setting.

Where Will it Be Installed?

Once you’ve determined which kind of lighting you plan to use, it’s time to choose the location of your outdoor strip light. Determining the location of your strip lights helps you identify the power source and what voltage to get in your strip lights.

Outdoor LED strips typically come in 12 V and 24 V. When choosing between the two, note the wattage of your outdoor power supply. To be safe, make sure your LED strip light voltage is at least 20% less than the rated wattage of your power supply. 

What Material Will the Lights Be Attached To?

LED strips come in flexible circuit boards, making them attachable to edges and curves. However, to avoid having your outdoor LED strip lights coming off, especially as they come into contact with the elements outdoors, it’s important to find a surface that is smooth.

Outdoor LED strips are attached using an adhesive. These adhesives can fail when there are too many grooves interfering between the adhesive and the surface. Such can result in the strip light drooping or falling off.

Still, adhesives are prone to failure, especially if the environment is hot, humid, or wet. In such instances, it’s a good idea to select a smooth surface where mounting clips can be installed.

Mounting clips are small clips with a screw design that clip on the LED strips and screw them into place. With such a design, mounting clips are best mounted on smooth wood using zinc or stainless steel screws.

Lastly, if you cannot find a smooth surface or wood surface to attach your outdoor LED strips, consider using hot glue to attach the strip to a surface. Hot glue is weather-proof, and it can be picked off from the surface if you need to remove them later.

How Many Feet of Strip Lights Do You Need?

Last but not least, when you’re buying outdoor LED strip lights, you’ll be asked to choose the length of your strip lights.

LED strip lights typically come in strips of around five, 10, and 16 feet or in reels of up to 165 feet long. The 12V strip lights come in shorter lengths of five to 10 feet, whereas 24V strip lights come in longer lengths.

If you only need to light up a small space outdoors, then a five or 10 feet length is enough. But if you’re lighting up a large area, consider investing in a long reel. LED strip lights can be cut, and buying in bulk makes them more affordable as a whole. 

Where to Buy the Outdoor LED Strip Lights of Your Choice?

Outdoor LED strips come in different voltages, densities, and lengths, thus, choosing the right one by following the tips above is key to a successful lighting project!

Check out the various types of LED strip lights in our catalog. At Hitlights, we have UL-listed outdoor LED strips with IP-67 rating for both indoor and outdoor projects. Our strip lights also come in various lengths, densities, and voltages, as well as cool white and warm white colors—so you’re sure to find the right lighting solution!

HitLights also offers up to six years of warranty, alongside a hassle-free return policy to help ensure you get the best customer service possible.

Do you need help choosing an outdoor LED strip light that will fit your project? Tell us about your project, and we’ll help you get the right parts for your lighting. Chat with one of our lighting experts live on our website, or contact us at 855-768-4135 at HitLights today!

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