1. What kind of LED do you recommend for Accent Lighting?

Ah accent lighting, a classic LED application, I recommend our 3528 LED light strips, but exactly what kind of 3528...that's right! Depends on your project. Honestly, I should rename this series "Depends on your Project," shouldn't I? Anyway, as for finding which 3528 is best for you, it's as easy as figuring out what you want to accent. If you're looking to show off traditional styles with wood and softer features, then warm white strips are gonna be your choice. Now if modern is your thing, with stone and metal, then cool white will accent perfectly. Lastly, if you need to accent a party or other high energy gathering of pals and buddies, the RGB is more in line with your needs!

2. I need a brighter light for my workbench/craft area, do you have anything really bright?

Do we have anything really bright, frankly I'm hurt that you felt the need to ask. Yeah, we've got bright lights, bright lights for any application you could imagine. Our very brightest option is Luma20™ Series LED Light Strips, seriously, these lights are bright as can be, trust me. Now if those are a bit too much, then we have a few other options. For a workbench/craft area you probably don't need a full sixteen feet of light. If you do, send us some pictures because that's a workstation we're envious of. But if you don't have an entire hobby shop in your home, then odds are an Extendable LED Light Bar should be a great fit for your work bench. They're easily mounted and provided very even, bright light.

3. Can I put your lights in my pool? If so, which ones should I use.

Not all of our lights, in fact I'm going to discourage you from plugging in any lamps in your pool. LED bulbs or not, electricity and water aren't a fun mix. Thankfully, we've got waterproof LED Strip Lights that we made just for you! Want to just brighten up your pool for a night swim? Try our IP67 waterproof High Density Strip Light. Now if you're having a pool party, or a garden soiree then hook up some waterproof dreaming strips to provide just the right kind of party light! We even offer Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lighting Kits!

4. I don’t need to submerge my lights but they need to stand up to the weather. What's my LED?

Ask and ye shall receive! Weatherproof strips were designed with just your thought in mind! They're perfect for anywhere that might be more high traffic or a bit more dangerous to a normal LED Strip. These bad boys are resistant to rain, wind, dirt, mild bumps, fog, cockroaches, brooms, and more! These LED light strips are perfect for under eave lighting, kitchen applications, bathrooms, really anywhere that could be wetter than dry, but not wet as water, if you catch my drift. Weatherproof LED light strips come in Cool and Warm White, and Multicolor, we've got a Weatherproof LED light Strip for you!

5. I want to use LED light strips but don’t like the look of them. What should I use?

Fair enough, everyone has their own aesthetic opinions and you're certainly entitled to yours, and we came up with a solution to your conundrum: Aluminum channels. What the aluminum channels do is hide all but the light of your LED Strip Light from sight by providing a sleek and slim fit around the LED Strip Light with a white diffuser, think of it like a snappy suit your light would wear to a fancy dinner party hosted by dignitaries for high class people, just like your Strip Light.

Thanks for reading this installment of our troubleshooting series, we truly hope it has been helpful. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? contact us at cole@hitlights.com and we’ll do our best to answer it in the next installment. Please remember that our customer service staff (customerservice@hitlights.com) is happy to assist you with any and all of your concerns, questions, and suggestions. If you want to call and talk with us, well that’s just fine too – (225)-304-0408!

The Troubleshooting Series is published on Fridays, please have questions submitted by the Wednesday beforehand if you want it answered in the next installment.


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