Channel Switchers: A break in the typical Q&A style

We, at HitLights, know we aren't the only name in LED. We also know you are a smart shopper, and you have probably checked around for prices and options on LED products. With all of the different options for LED light strips, LED light bulbs and LED Modules, selecting a brand and product can be quite difficult. Whether every LED product you've ever owned is a HitLights original, or you are just looking to learn about LEDs, we want to help you.

Most RGB LED light strips and accessories work together pretty well, most of them understand the same "language" so to speak. Every now and then though you might pick up an LED light strip that just doesn't seem to mesh right with the other LEDs you've come to love. You tell strip light B that you want to see green lights, with remote A, and instead of green, you get red lights. What's up with that? Remote A always makes Strip Light A display the color you want, why doesn't it work with strip B? It's all LEDs right?

If you have a situation like this, with a mixed bag of products that don't work just right together, give us a call! Or email us, both work equally well. Just explain your issue and we'll set you up with a nifty channel switcher that should fix your problem right up and get Remote A talking to strip B in the same language so when you want green lights, you get green lights.

For more guidance on LED multicolor remote controls, check out this blog article:

Thanks for reading this installment of our troubleshooting series! We truly hope it was helpful.

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