Light Up the Outside: LED Lighting Options for Outdoors

LED lights aren’t just for inside! See how LED lighting can be used in a variety of outside applications (and why you should choose outdoor LED strips!)

Okay, you went crazy with the LED lights inside—every socket now boasts an LED bulb. You installed LED strip lights under every cabinet and along every stair tread in the house. If a room has crown molding, it has a strip. You even installed strip lights on your strip lights. Now what? 

All kidding aside, you probably know many of the innovative ways LED strip lights can improve your home or office, but might not have thought of all the outside upgrades that you can make with LEDs. 

In this article, we’re going to share some of the reasons LED lighting is a good choice outside, plus give you some ideas about outdoor applications. 

Are LED lights good for outside?

Outside lights have slightly different purposes than indoor lights. Of course, all light fixtures are used for illumination, but outdoor LED lights must have some specific additional functions. We depend on outside lights for safety; we need them to perform under all kinds of weather; they need to have a reliable lifespan in spite of changing conditions; they need to play a positive role in our energy conservation plans. LED lighting satisfies all these outdoor lighting needs.

How LED lighting is used for safety

Brighter often means safer. Outside lighting is often in place to assist pedestrians and cars. Both walkers and drivers benefit from being able to see where they are going and avoid any obstacles that may arise (sometimes the walkers and drivers are looking out for each other!) Industrial outdoor LED lighting can be tens of thousands of lumens allowing you to create exceptionally bright corridors, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. 

Well-lit exterior lighting along buildings and in doorways can discourage theft or vandalism—another safety issue, not to mention helping security cameras catch any incidents. Modern industrial LEDs often give you customizable options for the light area (the specific spots you intentionally want lit) while simultaneously being designed to reduce light pollution (light reflecting in unintended areas.) 

Are LED lights weather resistant?

LED lighting can be designed to withstand all kinds of weather. Note, LEDs can be manufactured for outdoor use, but not every LED is suitable for outside. Make sure you know the specifications of any LED you are considering for outside installation. Look for an IP rating on LED lights to check for waterproofness. (IP stands Ingress Protection, a rating scale that tests various types of water exposure, including immersion in water. For example, HitLights offers two outdoor grade LED strip lights with an IP rating of 67, which is considered waterproof.) 

Water isn’t the only factor when it comes to weather. Seasonal changes in temperature can weaken construction materials over time. Exposure, especially direct sunlight, can erode strength and bring around the ravages of time to lesser quality fabrication. Make sure you understand what materials are used in the assembly of any outdoor LED light you choose and explore premium options when available to ensure maximum lifespan for the equipment you purchase. High-quality retailers and manufacturers will supply you with the information you need to pick right, plus will back their products with warranties to encourage your confidence. 

Do LED lights help save energy?

If you are required to create an energy conservation plan for your office, facility, building, or company, LED lighting is an excellent tool to help you reach your energy savings goals. Most people first learn about LED lights due to their reputation for efficiency. If you don’t feel prepared to replace all fixtures at once (especially when your budget doesn’t allow it or when existing fixtures still have some utility) consider which LED lights can be purchased in bulk for a discount (or as HitLights offers: discounts for business account holders.) Also create a plan for smart replacement: as old-fashioned fixtures wear out, replace with LEDs. This allows you to incrementally capture the benefits of LEDs without the initial outlay which deters some purchasers. 

Now, you may be thinking all of this information is great, but when you think of HitLights, you think of LED strip lights. Which leads to the natural next question….

Can I Use LED Strips Outside?

HitLights offers outdoor grade LED strip lights (IP rating 67—as mentioned earlier; this rating is considered waterproof) making the strips suitable for outdoor use. Our Luma5 series is premium: made from start to finish with quality materials, with quality construction, built to last when installed outside. Worried about mounting strip lights in the outdoor elements? Choose our heavy-duty foam mounting tape that is up to the job—no matter what Mother Nature can throw its way. Select from our single color, UL-listed, premium Luma5 LED strip lights—available in standard density or high density

Where can I use LED lights outside? 

In addition to parking lots, driveways, corridors, walkways, and door entries, LED lights outside can be installed to highlight garage doors, under stair railings, and stair steps (LED strip lights are perfect for all these installations.) 

Don’t forget signage. You still want people to see your signs, even when the sun goes down. Signs are where LED lights really shine (no pun intended.) Certain LED strip lights can be bendable to follow letter curves or other sign outlines (like our WAVE strips) and provide pop to your 24/7 marketing tool (after all, that’s what a sign is!) 

We’re sure we’ve got your mental wheels spinning—LED lights outside can be total winners like they are inside. If we’ve REALLY got you thinking about all the ways LED lights can improve your business or industrial application, let us tell you about our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) program. Since HitLights is manufacturing and retail, we can work with you to create custom projects that will light up whatever you can dream up. Contact us today to learn more about our OEM customization process. Our knowledge-based team is ready to work with you!

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