What is a LED Dimmer Driver? Two Dimming Techniques You Need to Know

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is highly customizable. But because LEDs work on direct current, dimming an LED would require the use of LED dimmer drivers, which can function in two ways.

What is a LED Dimmer Driver?

Because LEDs run on low voltage and in direct current, one must control the amount of electricity flowing into an LED by adjusting the LED’s driver.

An LED driver is a piece of electronic device that moderates the voltage and current from the electricity source in order for it to be usable and safe for an LED to utilize. As electricity supply usually operates on mains, an LED driver converts the mains alternating current (AC) supply to direct current (DC).

Because the LED driver is the one responsible for controlling the electricity that flows into the LED, it is by modifying this device that the LED can be dimmable. This modified LED driver, also known as an LED dimmer driver, adjusts the brightness of the LED.

When in the market for a good LED dimmer driver, it’s important to pay attention to its ease of use. Having a LED dimmer driver with dual in-line package (DIP) switches in front allows users to easily change output current, therefore, adjusting the brightness of the LED.

Another feature to look out for is the compatibility of the LED dimmer driver with Triode for Alternating Current (TRIAC) wall plates and power supplies. This ensures you can control the amount of electric current flowing into the LED at high speed, and your dimmer will serve whatever project you have in mind.

Two LED Dimming Techniques

LED dimmer drivers control the electric current that flows into the LED via two techniques or configurations, through pulse width modulation and amplitude modulation.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

Pulse width modulation (PWM) involves shortening the amount of leading current going through the LED.

The current flowing into the LED is the same, but the driver regularly turns the current on and off and on again to regulate the amount of current powering the LED. This really quick exchange results in dimmer lighting, with an imperceptible flicker too quick for the human eye to catch.

Amplitude Modulation (AM)

Amplitude modulation (AM) involves reducing the electric current flowing into the LED. With less power comes dimmer lighting. Similarly, with lower current comes lower temperature and higher efficacy for the LED. This method also eliminates the risk of flicker.

Do note, however, this method of dimming does risk altering the color output of the LED, especially at low levels. 

Purchase An LED Dimmer Driver

Purchasing LED dimmable drivers can help you maximize the use of your LED lights. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your LED brightness levels, so you can conserve energy while having the most comfortable lighting in your home.

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