How to Choose the Right LED Strip Color Temperature for Your Property?

Control the way your space feels with various high-density LED strip color temperatures! If you’re in the market for LED strip lights, check out the considerations below to help ensure you select the right color temperature for your property!

Understanding Color Temperature

When it comes to LED strip lights, variation in color is often determined by color temperature.

Color temperature, commonly denoted by correlated color temperature (CCT) in LED labels, refers to the hue of white that lighting takes. This is usually accompanied by a figure in Kelvin to help describe the color of the light.

When the color temperature is high, close to 6000K, it contains a lot of blue hues and is considered cool—as close to bright midday sunlight as can be. Meanwhile, if the color temperature is low, around 3000K, then it contains more yellow hues and is considered warm—closer to the amber glow of sunsets.

LED strips fall in between these extreme sunlight color temperatures, and most commonly range from 3500K to 4500K, though there are also uses for those below 3000K and above 6000K.

As a rule of thumb, cooler lighting is used to stimulate energy. Hence, higher color temperatures are often used in commercial settings. Meanwhile, warmer lighting invokes calmness and relaxation. Therefore, they are most commonly used as ambient lighting in the form of lamps or backlights.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Color Temperature

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to color temperature. But there are a few key considerations that may help one make the right choice when it comes to determining the color temperature to use in their lighting.

Interior Design

One of the easiest ways to get the color temperature correct is to match the lighting to the colors used in a space’s interior design.

If the color scheme is composed of mostly cool tones such as greys, blues, blacks, and crisp whites, then a cooler LED lighting, ranging from 3500K to 4000K might be a good choice.

Meanwhile, if the interior design uses a lot of warm colors like browns, reds, oranges, and creams, then warmer hued LEDs, ranging from 2000K to 25000K, may be preferable.

Property Aesthetic

Another consideration is the aesthetic of the location. Is your space traditional, country, or more akin to nature? Such styles suit warmer lighting, and LEDs around 2700K, which mimic candlelight, look really flattering.

On the other hand, if your space is modern, sleek, and minimalist, it may be better complemented by cool LEDs of over 3000K.


Last but not least, one should pair lighting to the type of activities one will be doing in their space. Areas of work would benefit from cool color temperatures that mimic the midday sun whereas spaces for relaxation like bedrooms, bathrooms, and lounges would benefit from warmer color temperatures, similar to that of the setting sun.

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