Product Highlight: R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer with RF Remote

Snap, snap—dimmer installed. Is it really that easy? Meet the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer with RF Remote Control. This handy little controller brings dimmer capabilities to your favorite LED strip lights (from HitLights—of course) with two simple clicks. Why choose the R110? When do you use it? How is the R110 installed? Does it come with a remote controller? In this product highlight, you’ll learn everything you’ll want to know about the R110 plus have some easy links to start your remote dimmer shopping right away.

What is the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer?

Most people who install LED strip lights to their home or office like to have the ability for the LED strip lights to dim. The R110 Remote Dimmer makes this possible. Dimming gives dimension and controls mood by changing the light levels of the LED strip lights. For a simple LED strip light installation, the R110 is easily added to your set-up, between the LED strip and the power source. Once the power is turned on, the R110 lets you adjust the light output of your LED strip lights from 100% (full brightness) down to 10% (lowest dim.) It really is that easy, convenient, and simple. 

When is the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer Used?

For the R110 to be the right dimming controller for your project, a couple of factors need to be satisfied. First, your project should use one LED strip light—like under cabinet or under a counter. Next. the strip light needs to be one color (like our  Luma 5 /) Finally, you need to be comfortable using a RF remote control unit to adjust the brightness. If you prefer to have the dimming control in the wall or you’d rather use an app, then you’ll want to use a different dimmer unit. However, if you want a simple dimming unit for your single-color light and a simple RF remote will get your job done, then the R110 might be an excellent choice. At under $20, it’s a major enhancement to your project, without breaking the bank.

How is the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer installed?

This is by far the easiest part of this description. To install the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer, simply plug the LED strip light unit into one end of the R110; plug the power source into the other end. That’s it! You can use special mounting tape that keeps the R110 contained and allows you to keep the wires out of sight. 

As with other LED strip light products, be sure to match the voltage of the equipment on either side of the R110—the lights and power supply should be the same voltage. Don’t worry about the R110: as a dimmer, it handles variable power since that’s how the lights brighten or dim. 

To give you a visual of the whole process, watch as our Tech Pro Brix demonstrates how straight forward the installation of a HitLights LED strip light using the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer. 

Does the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer use a remote control?

Not only does the R110 use a remote control to set the dimming, the product package comes with a simple RF remote control that by default is ready to work with the mini dimmer unit. Turn-key, ready to use—right out of the package. 

You may be interested to know that each R110 can be matched with up to 5 RF remote controls at one time. You can also program a new RF remote to pair with the R110 dimmer in a couple of steps. 

Don’t forget to remove the protective film from the remote control batteries, allowing the remote to power up. (Look for the plastic tab that says: PULL/REMOVE.) 

You’ll notice some handy pre-sets on the remote. Several light levels have their own dedicated buttons: 100% for full lights; 50% and 25% for mid-lights; 10% for low lights. If you want to be more custom, you can manually adjust the lights point by point on the remote. There are also some pre-set effects including a strobe effect and fading in and out. 

If you’ve watched our video, read this post, and still have questions, we welcome your call! Our knowledgeable tech team is ready to help you. Call us right now—1 (855) 768-4135.

If you’re ready to buy, you can do that, too. You can view the R110 Mini Single Color Remote Dimmer : RF Remote product page here

We love providing you not only the finest LED strip lights, but we love giving you the accessories that make LED strip light installation a breeze. Don’t wait any longer! Either reach out to us now or give us a call. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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