Product Highlight: 120 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 24 Volt

We love LED strip lights; you love LED strip lights. Everyone loves LED strip lights. But strip lights are nothing but some diodes on tape without power. Power is the final spark, the juice, the flow that makes all your LED strip lights go. It’s fun to talk about all the possibilities of LED strip lights, plan designs, create installations—but ensuring your strip lights will have adequate power must always be a part of your planning. 

The word “adequate” is crucial. 

It’s not enough to power your LED strip lights. For any installation to be successful, you must have the right power supply. This is why HitLights is pleased to announce the launch of our new power supply, 120 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 24 Volt

What is a 24 VDC power supply?

A 24 volt DC power supply is the power unit compatible with 24 LED lighting products. It is important to match the voltage of your LED strip lights to the power supply. If you have 24 volt LED strip lights; use a 24 volt power supply to power them. A 24 volt DC power supply is designed to work with 24 volt lights and 120 watts is enough energy to “go the distance” and fully power a 24 volt LED strip light. The DC in this product’s name refers to the conversion that happens in this little powerhouse: the alternating current (AC) of your home or office (the normal electricity found at all your power outlets) gets converted to direct current (DC)—the form of electricity that the LED strip lights can use. 

Is 12V or 24V better for LED lights?

Choose 12 volt or 24 volt LED strip lights depending on the function you want the LED strip lights to perform. It is not really a question of which voltage is “better.” It’s more a question of what the lights are supposed to do. Are you installing LED strip lights to create an accent of light? LED strip lights that are to add color or provide some contrast can most times use 12 volt lights. If you are looking for your LED strip lights to be a primary light source or you need an area to be fully illuminated, consider 24 volts. 

Once you have made the decision on which lights better suit your need, the next step is to make sure you choose an appropriate power supply for whichever lights you choose. If your lighting needs suggest that a 24 volt LED strip lights would be most appropriate, then pair those lights with a power supply like 120 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 24 Volt. 

Does UL listing matter for power supply units?

You will notice the HitLights new 120 Watt DC Power Supply - 24 Volt is UL Listed. UL Listing is a mark that reflects safety standards of the highest order, overseen by UL—a global leader in consumer product safety. UL (formerly known as Underwriters Laboratory) has helped businesses like HitLights ensure that electrical products are safe for use for over a century. While HitLights stands behind all our products, we are proud to offer our new power supply as UL Listed. 

In addition to the confidence we think the UL Listed mark offers, our customers who are independent contractors, independent electricians, or designers might only select power supplies that bear the UL mark. For those professionals, the UL Listed power supply extends allows our pros to get the best for their clients without hassle or without wasting precious time searching for a power supply that suits the job’s needs. 

What LED strip lights work well with the 24 volt power supply?

If you are excited about the prospect of a 24 volt power supply that will bring 120 watts to your LED strip lights, you may be asking which LED strip lights would work best? Take a look at our Premium 24V LED Light Strip. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that these lights are 24 volt (it’s a match!) These are premium lights; they are also UL Listed. Single color—you can choose between neutral white, soft white, or warm white. 

Now we know that most people pick the LED strip lights first, then pick the power supply. But just in case you are the kind of person that wants to know about the power first, we’ve got you covered. Pick our new power supply and then follow it up with our Premium 24V LED Light Strip

24 volt Questions & Answers

Question: Can I use a 12V power supply on a 24V LED strip?

Answer: No! Match the voltage of your LED strip lights with the voltage of your power supply. Use 12 volt LED strip lights with a 12 volt power supply; use 24 volt LED strip lights with 24 volt power supplies.

Question: Can you run LED lights on 24V?

Answer: If the LED strip lights are 24 volt lights, then yes. If you aren’t sure that you’ve paired your desired LED strip lights with the appropriate power supply, you can always call one of our helpful HitLights tech staffers to make sure you’ve selected compatible items. Our ProAccounts customers always know they will get the right products together—thanks to the inspection you’ll receive with your orders. 

Question: How to wire a led power supply?

Answer: HitLights new 120 Watt DC Power Supply (UL-Listed) - 24 Volt is plug and play—no wiring required. This power supply connects directly with our lights like our Premium 24V LED Light Strip and plugs easily into your normal electrical outlet. 

Feedback Welcome

If you are a 24 volt fan, we want to hear what you think about our new power supply! If you are ready to buy, but want a HitLights knowledge-based tech pro to help you make that final selection, we are here for you. Call HitLights now: 1 (855) 768-4135 and we’ll make it easy. Get that power working for you!

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