Product Spotlight: Luma20 LED Strip Lights

Welcome to Hitlights’ Product Spotlight, the weekly series that goes into detail about the different strips, kits, and accessories we have to offer!

This week we’re going to be going over our brightest LED Strip Lights, the Luma20 LED Strip Light!


The Luma20 Light Strips are in a word, bright. When you want REALLY bright light, these are the LED Strip Lights you need to reach for. Perfect for any task lighting, these LED Strip Lights can provide illumination for any project or job that needs doing. Working on an engine and you can't see the screw you need to get to? Turn on your Luma20 LED light strip and that screw will practically fly out on its own! Not only are these LED Strip Lights incredibly bright, they're incredibly safe too, and they're UL Listed!

Don't think the Luma20 Light Strip's usefulness stops at task lighting, these LED Strip Lights are bright enough to provide always reliable area lighting too! Forget those old energy inefficient bulbs! Replace them with our Luma20 lights and you won't have to worry about your lighting for years!

The Specs

The Luma20 LED strip produces 414 Lumens per foot at regular-density and 828 Lumens per foot at high-density making it significantly brighter than our Luma10 strip which outputs 192 Lumens per foot at regular-density and 384 Lumens per foot at high-density.

The Luma20 strips are also 10mm in width so you will need to use the 10mm strip-to-strip connectors which can be found here.  If you use the Luma20 HD strips however, you will need to either cut to the outside of the cut line OR you will need to solder wire onto the copper pads.  Below is a picture of how you may want to cut and connect a Luma20 HD strip:

Luma20 Strip with 10mm Single Color Connector

The Luma20 strips are available in Warm White (3000k), Neutral White (4000k), Cool White (5000k), and our brand new Wave Strips (6500k)
Rated IP30 for Indoor Use.

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