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Today’s Topic: Determining how many Lumens of light you need.

It may have crossed your mind the last time you needed to light a space. How many lumens is enough? Most people would probably just think, "I should get some lights," but different lights put out differing amounts of Lumens! So this week we'll go over a few of the common areas you may need to light, and how many lumens you'll need. We're going to be measuring in lux, which is simply lumens per square meter (you can use a square yard if you like, they're close enough for our measurements.

1. Home

In our homes, we like to see, obviously, but we don't need to be blinded! So, homes typically need less lux than other areas, around 150 lux on average (remember, that just means you want around 150 lumens per square meter!) Our Luma5 LED Strip Lights put out around 82 Lumens per foot, making a meter of Luma5 LED Strip Lights perfect for lighting a square meter of home interior, and you get five meters per spool!

2. Office

We want more light when we're working, and that's natural, we don't want to miss any details! So for most office (or other work settings, even classrooms!) you'll want between around 250 lux up to 500 lux depending on the intensity of the work. So while HD Luma5 LED Strip Lights can work just fine for the lower end and mid-range of that spectrum (as the HD strips put out 164 Lumens per foot) the upper end of that spectrum, around the 500 lux range, will need something brighter. The Luma10 LED Light Strip is more than enough to reach the 500 lux mark, as they put out nearly 400 lumens per foot!

3. Garage or Similar

If you find yourself doing a lot of mechanical work, then you want even more light to see the minute details that could potentially cause trouble down the road if not seen. These types of areas typically need no less than 1,000 lux. Thankfully, the Luma10 LED Light Strip is perfect for these applications, because as we covered above, they put out close to 400 lumens for every foot of strip light. Also, just like the Luma5 LED Strip Lights the Luma10 LED Light Strip has five meters per spool, so you can perfectly light an entire five square meter area!

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