The HitLights Recommended LED Strip Light Gift Giving Guide

If you want to give useful and high-end presents this year, our premium LED strip light gift giving guide will help you make the right choice!

Need LED gift ideas? HitLights can help! At HitLights, we think premium LED strip lights make awesome gifts—really! We’ve written about why LED strip lights make great gifts and profiled the kinds of loved ones who appreciate our complete lighting solution kits as presents. If you are doing Holiday shopping for tech lovers, people who entertain, folks who “have everything,” or home improvers, this LED strip light gift giving guide will help you pick the right package so you can give a gift that will delight!

The Holidays are right around the corner, so without any further delay, we present the HitLights LED Strip Light Gift Giving Guide.

1. RGB Smart LED Strip Lights

Here we go! The coolest of the cool in LED strip lighting. A gorgeous rainbow of colors pours out of these strips with just the touch of the remote or a tap on the free Smart Life app. Smart home lovers are going to enjoy these lights that connect seamlessly with home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Music lovers will be dazzled by the music sync feature: these lights can change to the beat, creating a light show that will get everyone in the party mood. UL Listed and comes with 12V power cords. Package is complete with extra durable adhesive tape. 

Give this color changing LED strip light with confidence, backed by a better-than-industry-standard three year warranty. Sixteen multi colors and 3-way controls (remote, voice, or app) make this a top of the line LED strip light your gift recipient is going to love.

A great gift for: music lovers; entertainers; gamers; smart home enthusiasts; tech lovers; party hosts; sports fans (game day colors!); college students; modern décor admirers 

 2. Premium Luma5 LED Light Strip

Get a luxurious look with our Luma5 LED strip light in very warm white. This is our most popular color to complement remodeled spaces and to bring elegance to rooms of any size.

Since the Luma5 has a continuous and stable light source, the brightness of these lights is sure to impress. The color of these lights is inviting. You’ll notice that clothes, food, and furniture will maintain their opulence in the glow of these lights. (We know that some poor-quality LEDs from other sellers gave LEDs a bad rap when it comes to white light.)

Our Luma5 has high color rendering so you can be proud to give these lights as a gift. 

These cuttable LED strip lights are the definition of premium. Thicker, more pliable material with exceptionally sticky tape reveal the quality of these LED strip lights. Your loved ones deserve the best, you can give the best. 

Luma5 is also a fabulous selection for those just getting started with LED strip lights. The upgraded features of this product make the strips easier to work with, easier to install, and will give a better sense of project accomplishment than cheap LEDs that no one is going to love. If you know someone who has been “meaning to” install LED strip lights, consider gifting them the Luma5 to set them up for success.

A great gift for: home improvers; renovators; DIYers; parents; grandparents; “has everything” people; fans of practical gifts; green ecological shoppers; activity partners; people with luxe style

3. The Eclipse Kit

This is the gift you’ve been looking for. HitLights’ easiest kit to add LED lighting to devices, electronics, and PC builds. Each strip is made up of three 12-inch segments for a total strip of 36 inches. Low profile remote (included with the kit) allows you to pick from a dozen colors to suit your mood or your style. If you’ve ever seen a home theater with LED lights providing a splash of color behind the screen or if a favorite streamer has back lit monitors that look so cool, this kit will allow you to recreate that look.

Wire mounting clips and super sticky adhesive tape holds everything in place without damaging devices. The best part— the Eclipse Kit is a perfect stocking stuffer, at a true stocking stuffer price. This is one LED strip light kit that is a no-brainer—it comes with everything your gift recipient needs to make their electronics pop. Get the Eclipse Kit for everyone on your gift list.

Bonus tip: This time of year, there are lots of gift exchanges or last minute get togethers where you’ll want to have a gift like the Eclipse on hand. The smart pricing of the Eclipse kits makes it easy to order extra sets, just in case.

A great gift for: teens, college students, entertainers, hosts, tech lovers, gamers, party hosts, home office workers, electronics enthusiasts, sports fans, “has everything” people, office mates, fans of practical gifts

LED Strip Light Gift Ideas that Everyone Loves

Three great products that are sure to make all the people you give gifts to happy. Now, HitLights might not employ Santa’s elves, but we do have a top-notch support team who are installation experts and master troubleshooters. Didn’t see exactly what you need? Give us a call at (855) 768-4135 and we’ll be sure to help you knock out that shopping list with the best LED strip lighting we have to offer. Consider your Holiday shopping list done!

May you have an awesome LED gift shopping experience aHitLights! 

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