The Insider’s Guide to HitLights Professional Accounts

Did you know HitLights offers Business Accounts for Professionals? If you are looking for a LED strip light supplier or if you have a large project or are a frequent purchaser, signing up for a HitLights Business Account for Professionals might be the right choice for you.

People love HitLights because we offer so many high-quality LED strip light solutions that can be configured to your unique projects. We also know people choose HitLights because our support team is ready to help you at any stage of your LED strip light installation, with stellar customer service. We know there are as many reasons customers pick us as there are customers! But did you know that HitLights offers Business Accounts for Professionals? It’s one more reason to choose HitLights. If you are an independent electrician; contractor or design professional; high-volume purchaser; or if you have specialty lighting projects in mind, we want to talk to you about how you can go to the next level with a HitLights Business Account for Professionals. 

What is a Business Account for Professionals and how does it work?

Business Accounts for Professionals are for    customers purchasing any of our products including LED strip lights, power supplies, or dimmable drivers at larger quantities and at greater frequencies; using HitLights LED strip lights and related products in commercial or professional installations. HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals also might be suitable for pros looking for a supplier of customized products (more on customization in a moment.) 

Customers who qualify for our Business Accounts for Professionals can expect access to:

  • Discounts or wholesale pricing; 
  • Rapid turnaround times; 
  • Favorable payment terms; 
  • White glove customer service attention—including consultation with LED experts who individually inspect your orders for any compatibility issues and to ensure completeness (saving you downtime and hassle)

But that’s not all. Certain of our business account customers get to peek into the stockroom of HitLights and select products not available to the general public! That’s right—some LED strip light products that have been discontinued or are available as special orders only are accessible to our Business Accounts for Professionals clientele. (We even have additional benefits for a select group of our business account holders—too exclusive to list here. Ask your Business Account for Professionals representative if your account is eligible for VIP status.) 

Is a Business Account necessary?

We’ll tell you upfront: our business accounts aren’t for everyone. If you are making a one-time purchase or are primarily buying LED strip lights for your home use, HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals status is probably unnecessary. You get to experience outstanding customer service, LED strip lights at competitive prices, excellent selection, and exceptional quality which is standard with all HitLights shopping. You even can reach out to our peerless tech support—every HitLights customer is welcome to talk to our experts. 

Business accounts are for independent, owner/operators with professional LED strip light projects. Still not sure? Maybe you aren’t convinced your LED strip light orders are sizable or frequent enough for a business account. Maybe you know you’d like to have a regular supplier, but don’t want a lot of hassle or a long wait time getting the account set up. If that’s you, we invite you to reach out. We have dedicated Business Accounts for Professionals representatives that want to help answer your questions and help you get the best options for you and your professional requirements. If your business is a good fit, we’re going to make it easy and quick to get you the LED strip lights and other products you need.

Click here to connect with our Business Accounts for Professionals Team

A quick note about our LED strip light experts

If you’ve been following HitLights for any amount of time, you know one of our company’s focuses is having a knowledge-based team. We invest in training for our entire staff as well as hire team members who know more about LED strip lights than anybody else. 

Our philosophy is that our professional electrician, contractor, and design pro clients can set themselves apart from the competition by offering amazing LED strip light installations. If we can help you, as a pro, get ahead of your competition, then we’re hoping you’ll choose HitLights for all your LED strip light, power supply, and dimmable driver business needs. 

To empower you—the pro client—even more, we make sure Business Accounts for Professionals holders have one of our HitLights LED lighting experts available to answer questions specific to professional LED strip light installations. 

We also have our experts monitor and inspect your orders—our team can even make recommendations to get you the best LED strip lights and related products (even solutions you might not know to ask for!) We take this extra step to ensure that you are getting all the equipment and LED strip light supplies you need to get the job done. We’re in business, too—HitLights knows that wasted time is a killer for independent contractors, professionals, and small business. Having one of our team ready to talk to you isn’t just another perk of having a business account: it’s part of our strategy to make you successful in your own business.

To sum it up, when it comes to our HitLights LED lighting experts, a Business Accounts for Professionals holder:

  • Has an LED strip light expert ready to talk to you about your projects
  • Gets recommendations and valuable consulting on LED lighting products, LED strip lights, and other solutions
  • Our experts inspect your orders for quality assurance and completeness 

OEM means customized solutions created just for you

One of our favorite services we have the honor to offer our customers doesn’t start from our catalog… it doesn’t start with our service team. It starts with the fact that HitLights owns our own manufacturing operations and we have the capacity to fabricate to-order special designs, LED strip lights, and many other LED lighting products!  

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) means that HitLights safety and quality can be found throughout our process and in all of our finished products; it also means we can spec, prototype, and manufacture completely customized:

  • Specialized LED lighting;
  • Power supplies and batteries;
  • Dimmers and drivers;
  • LED strip lights and more! 

If you can dream it up, but need it to light up, talk to one of our reps to see how we can help make your creation real. 

The HitLights team even has experience with specialized applications like trade show lighting set-ups. The best way to find out if we can help you is to get in touch with us today and discuss your project.

You’ll be amazed not only with what we can create for you, but you’re going to love our impressive turnaround times and our affordable pricing

How to get started with a HitLights Business Account for Professionals

It’s easy to get the ball rolling with a HitLights Business Account for Professionals. Head on over to our special contact page on our website; enter in some basic information; and expect to hear back from a HitLights rep. We’ll ask a few simple questions and learn more about your LED strip light projects and your goals. If it’s a fit, we’ll explain all the next steps and within as little as 5 working days, our team will have your HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals ready to go! It’s that easy. 

Now you have the inside scoop on our HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals and OEM customization options. You need a supplier: we’ve got the LED strip light supplies. There’s only one thing left to do… we’re already waiting to talk to you. Click now and hit up our Business Accounts for Professionals team today!

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