Welcome to Hitlights’ Product Spotlight, the weekly series that goes into detail about the different strips, kits, and accessories we have to offer!

This week we’re going to be going over one of our most popular kits, The Eclipse Kit!

The Eclipse Kit is just perfect for small home projects! The easy to use one foot Luma10 LED Strip Lights make adding some light to your kitchen counter tops through under cabinet, or even over cabinet, lighting a piece of cake!


Thanks to the easily placed and mounted strips, the Eclipse Kit is perfect for accenting all your home appliances, from television and computer monitors, to the insider cases of home theater systems! Got a trophy shelf or a display case you're looking to accent? The Eclipse Kit is just perfect for that too!

The sleek black strips feature a strong, and easy to secure, adhesive backing, so there's no headache when it comes to mounting these strips. Need two feet of light? Not a problem! These strips can connect to each other, so there's no need for cutting and reattaching! If you want your project to light up a corner, and you don't want to bend your lights, the Eclipse Kit has that covered too with four 4 pin connector wires included so getting around corners or under doors is a cinch!

The Specs

Four 1ft Luma10 LED Strip Light Segments
One RGB Remote Control
Four 4 pin connection wires
Wire clips to tuck those connection wires out of sight

Want to learn how to accent your monitors, like mentioned above? Check out our handy instructional video on how to use the Eclipse Kit to do it!

Thanks for joining us for this week’s product Spotlight! If you’d like to share how you used any of our products, or have a suggestion for a product you’d like covered, send us an email at customersevice@hitlights.com or call us at 1 (855) 768-4135.


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