What are Strip Lighting Kits?

 strip lighting applications

We design our strip lighting kits for the most common applications and projects to be installed in a variety of locations across your home, however if your project is on the more unique side, for instance, a hot air balloon kit, you might need to go at it without a pre-made LED light strip kit and if needed a portable battery to power your strips on the go.


Can I create my own custom Strip Lighting Kit?

Yes! The LED strip light kits we sell are in fact grouped together components that are used in common applications, like LED strip lights, LED power adapters and controllers.

If you need a specific assortment of products you can assemble a kit based on what you know and need all by yourself, or you can contact us, with a little information about your project we can do this for you.

Visit our learning center to learn about LED Strip Lighting and components, or if you already have your project information visit our project request page page where we can provide you a list of components you will need for your project.

However, you are not just limited to those options. Contact us to help you with your project and well provide you with a list of the right components suited to best fit your project. Think of it as us making a custom kit uniquely for you.  

We have everything you need to get your project going, and a kit, pre-made or custom, is the first step you need to take!

Can I extend my strip light kit without extra parts?

The short answer is this - it depends on the kit.  With some kits, you may be able to do this while you may not be able to with others since it largely depends on factors such as the wattage capacity of the kit's power supply and/or the LED controller included which is discussed in this blog here

If you want to make sure you can do this, you can always email us, or give us a call! Just tell us the details of your project and we'll let you know whether or not you'll need extra parts for your ideal installation to be realized.

The most common thing that would necessitate additional parts is the LED power adapter. If the one packaged in the LED light strip kit does not produce enough power you'll need to upgrade it to make your extended project work.

If you're planning on adding more than one spool of LED light strips to your kit, you might need an LED strip light amplifier to make sure that your lights will be operating at peak performance.

Whatever you want to light up we can help you make it happen just contact us or view our kit options to find what best suits you. 




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