What Kind of Tape Do You Use for LED Lights?

A short confession before we get into the wonderful world of double-sided mounting tape for LED strip lights. Every once in a while, when consulting with a new customer or a new independent lighting pro, our intrepid HitLights staffer consults our shopper about what kind of mounting tape they’d like to try, we hear: “Oh! I didn’t know HitLights carries mounting tape!”

And it breaks our heart just a tiny bit. 

We don’t ever want anyone to shop with us and not know about our awesome mounting tape that we offer as part of our solution to your LED strip light installations. We have mounting tape for LED strip lights! We’ve got mounting tape that is double-sided, easy to apply tape that fights one of the most important problems when it comes to installing LED strip lights: saggy strips or LEDs that fall down. 

There is (almost) nothing worse than hearing from people who “tried” LED strips in the past and had the strips fall down or sag or pooch out in pockets which failed to stay adhered to the wall or ceiling or wherever you’ve placed your LED strips. What is the point of putting all your quality into amazing LED strip lights if they are going to droop or peel off the wall or dangle from the ceiling and look like junk? 

And that’s not even talking about outdoor LED strip lights.

You can imagine that weather is a huge consideration when it comes to LED strip lights outside—(which is why our outdoor LED strip lights are premium products that are specifically designed to resist moisture and hold up against nearly anything Mother Nature can dole out.) Now think of the tape. Exposed to the elements, your entire outdoor LED light set-up is depending on the mounting tape holding everything together. 

We know from our decade in business that the mounting tape makes the difference—inside and outside—between success and an LED strip light flop. With that, it’s time to showcase our selection of mounting tape for LED strip lights, selected and tested to be the best choice for installing LED strip lights, and more.

What kind of tape do you use for LED strip lights?

Use double-sided VHB (very high bond) mounting tape that is rated for strengths of 2lbs per square inch and higher. Make sure to check if your tape is graded as waterproof if you intend to mount outdoor LED strip lights. Using double-sided mounting tape is easy, but note that each tape might have slightly different curing times to make a permanent or semi-permanent bond.

Up first is the Summerbrite VHB Double-Sided Waterproof Mounting Tape. This tape is considered to be heavy-duty and you can expect holding power of 3lbs per square inch. The body of the tape is acrylic foam to make it durable and flexible. It is black in color. Dimensions: the mounting tape is 0.94-inch wide and 0.024-inch thick making it a low-profile tape that is perfect for an LED strip light. Each roll is 16 feet long. 

-Tape: Summerbrite VHB Double-Sided Waterproof Mounting Tape

-Dimensions: 0.94 in W x 0.024 H x 16 ft LHB? – Yes

-Waterproof? – Yes

-Holding power: 3lbs per sq in

-Color: black

-Standard product – suitable for everyday use

HitLights is proud to offer 3M Double-Sided VHB Waterproof Mounting Tape. Using bonding formulations and adhesive developed by 3M—a global leader in industrial and consumer goods, the 3M mounting tape is a premium product for all kinds of projects, and a product we love recommending for LED strip light installations. The 3M tape performs especially well under harsh or changing temperatures, so if you have environmental concerns for your LED strip light project, the 3M tape might be the better choice. Make sure to install the tape in milder weather or even temperatures, and follow specific instructions to get the best bond out of this tape. Holding power: 3lbs per square inch. 

-Tape: 3M Double-Sided VHB Waterproof Mounting Tape
-Dimensions: 0.94 in W x 0.024 H x 16 ft L
-VHB? – Yes
-Waterproof? – Yes
-Holding power: 3lbs per sq in
-Color: black
-Premium product – best for changing or extreme installations

See the 3M Double-Sided Mounting Tape in action – 3M tape stands up to testing!

Prefer a clear tape? HitLights has it! A favorite for our customers because clear mounting tape can be used for many more fix-it chores beyond hanging your LED strip lights. This is HitLights own product and we back it just like any of our other products. This is a VHB double sided mounting tape that is crystal clear. The holding power is 2.2lbs per square inch. The rolls are 16 feet in length and the tape is 0.94 inch wide with a (skinny) thickness of 0.03 inches. One difference between this tape and the other tapes above, the HitLights clear mounting tape is easier to reposition (without sacrificing bonding power.) It is waterproof and flexible. 

-Dimensions: 0.94 in W x 0.03 in H x 16 ft L
-VHB? – Yes
-Waterproof? – Yes
-Holding power: 2.2lbs per sq in
Color: transparent crystal clear
-Excellent for all kinds of home fix-it projects; repositionable

If you have questions about any of our tapes, don’t hesitate: give our HitLights helpers a call and they can help you choose the right tape for your project—they can even help you order exactly the quantity you need. Give us a call today at 1 (855) 768-4135.

-Need a 100-foot roll? HitLights has one.

-See all our tapes here to start your double-sided mounting tape shopping. 

How do you install LED strip lights with mounting tape? 

Double-sided mounting tapes follow similar installation. Clean the destination surface and make sure it is dry and fingerprint free before applying. Make sure you are experiencing a mild climate (not too hot or too cold of a day. Mild temperature is best.) Unroll the tape from the roll, exposing one adhesive side of the tape. Carefully apply the tape to the desired location. Unpeel the protective layer from the mounted tape, exposing the second adhesive side of the tape. Place the LED strip lights onto the exposed tape. Gently press the LED light strip onto the tape to begin the bonding process. Be sure to check the specific instructions for each tape as some products have slightly different requirements or ideal cure times to form the strongest bond. That’s it! 

Where can you use double-sided mounting tape?

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that hanging LED strip lights isn’t the only use for any of our double-sided mounting tape. In fact, we suggest adding a couple rolls to your order so you always have this handy helper on hand, ready to fix whatever is on your honey-do list. We present: 14 Ways to Use Double-Sided Mounting Tape (that aren’t hanging LED strip lights.)

-Hanging picture frames; mirrors; displays; signage

-Mounting items on tile or other stone-like surfaces (like hanging a shower caddy) 

-Reattaching plastic edging on tables or appliances. Ooh—it’s annoying when edging pops off: don’t let your furniture or small appliances look beat up, instead use a little double-sided tape to get edging back in place

-Fix plastic-on-plastic, especially in cars like reattaching emblems, decorative facing pieces; sidewall details, reconnecting latches, hold wiring in place and out of the way (especially if you are doing some automotive work yourself) 

-Hang hooks or lightweight decorative shelves

-Quick-fix crown molding or baseboards 

-Lock outlet strips into place 

-Attach lightweight metal pieces when nails won’t work (we heard a great report from some colleagues at a trade show that used our double-sided VHB mounting tape to attach two pieces of their actual trade show booth! The VHB tape held for an extended amount of time and literally saved the day!) 

Of course, we are confident that you are going to be able to find many, many more uses for double-sided mounting tape than our list above. Think of the list as a starting point to get you thinking about all the projects you can wrap up quickly and easily with double-sided tape. (Doesn’t it feel good to get things off your TO-DO list? Ahhh.) Take a look at each of the mounting tapes offered by HitLights, select the tapes that are best for your needs, and stay prepared for whatever needs fixing now and always. 

Have we made the case? Are you as excited about double-sided mounting tape as HitLights is? At least you now know about what we offer and how our mounting tape can help you—with your LED strip lights or any other project you have. Don’t forget: we can help you pick tape and anything else you might need to achieve LED strip light success—start to finish. HitLights is here to help. Call us now at 1 (855) 768-4135. to get the insight and assistance you need from our knowledgeable team that hates hassle as much as you do. We can’t wait to talk tape with you!

Mounting Tape for LED Strip Lights Quick Hits

Q: What does VHB mean?

A: Very High Bond. This is a grade of tape that can be used for mounting and supporting heavier items. For example, our clear VHB tape supports up to 2.2lbs per square inch.

Q: Is mounting tape removable?

A: Our mounting tapes are intended for permanent or semi-permanent applications. Tape can be removed, but there is a chance of hurting the mounted surface, so demonstrate care. 

Q: Any tips for removing mounting tape?

A: Use a heat gun to soften adhesive before attempting to remove tape. A flat utility knife can be gently used to break bond of tape and surface before removing. 

Q: Is the 3M VHB tape really from 3M?

A: Yes! We have the option of partnering with any number of tape manufacturers and we choose to offer 3M tape to our customers. The 3M VHB mounting tape is an excellent choice for mounting LED strip lights. It is waterproof (after curing for 72 hours and while applied in dry conditions.) You get a choice of black or clear mounting tape. The black tape can hoist a hefty 3lbs per square inch! 

We also want to save you the time and hassle of shopping around, because our prices on the 3M double-sided mounting tape are competitive and are sure to please your budget. 

Q: Is mounting tape easy to use?

A: Simply clean the surface where you want to place the tape. Make sure it is dry and fingerprint free (to avoid any oils/dirt.) Unroll the tape (exposing one adhesive side) and carefully place on your desired location. Peel the covering strip off the  second side of the tape exposing the adhesive surface. Place the LED strip lights on the tape and press into place. Refer to the specific instructions of each tape as some products require up to 72 hours before bond is fully created. 

Q: Is your mounting tape only for LED strip lights?

A: No! There are dozens of uses for our double-sided mounting tape. At our HitLights price, you can enough tape to install and mount LED strip lights and get a couple rolls of mounting tape to keep in your tool bag for any of a number applications where using nails or glue would be inconvenient or messy. 

Q: Wow, you are pretty hyped about mounting tape for LEDs. Is this normal?

A: When you have a great product like our VHB mounting tape or when you know you can stand behind (or under!) a premium tape like our 3M tape, it’s easy to get excited. Our company is motivated by solving lighting problems with LED strip lights. Part of the solution is mounting the lights in a way that lasts and satisfies. Our tapes do that, so we want our customers to know all about them. We’re hyped, but our tape isn’t all hype. 

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