Why our new Dimmable Drivers are the best ones yet

If you count our EZDim dimmer-driver combo (and you should!), we now stock six different types of dimmable drivers. Our newest one is the HitLights electronic dimmable driver with knockouts. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at why we think it’s the best one yet.


We’ve written a lot about dimmable drivers recently. We wrote about how to connect a dimmable driver, when to choose a EZDim instead of a dimmable driver, and even how to choose a dimmer switch. Clearly, dimmable drivers are a hot topic, and with good reason - if you want smooth, consistent dimming across the full dimming range, dimmable drivers are the only way to go.

Why our new model is the best one yet

Newly available, our dimmable driver with knockouts has several features which (we think) make it the ideal choice for most dimmable LED light strip installations

1) It’s dimmable

Well, obviously. But it bears repeating - and it’s probably worth noting that because this is an electronic dimmable driver, it has fewer dimmer switch compatibility issues than our magnetic drivers. For a full list of compatible dimmer switches, check out this sheet

2) It’s compact

At 1.26 x 6.77 x 2.67 inches, these drivers will fit just about anywhere. At slightly over an inch thick, they’re even (in most cases) slim enough to fit underneath a kitchen cabinet while remaining hidden from view

3) It’s waterproof

The NEMA 3R rated enclosure means you can install it outside, if necessary. If you do, make sure all of your other connections remain waterproof too!

4) It has knockouts for safety

For your installation to be up to code, your connections have to be inaccessible to accidental touching, bumping, or other contact. Usually this means installing a j-box (junction box), but these dimmable drivers feature knockouts so you can keep all your wiring safely enclosed

5) It’s UL-Listed

Because it has knockouts, these drivers (which previously couldn’t be rated higher than UL-Recognized) are now 100% UL-Listed. This means they’re usable just about anywhere - and you can be sure they’ll provide the safety and performance you expect.

When to choose something else

There are a handful of situations when these drivers may not work for your installation. Never fear, however - because we have many other options to choose from.

1) When they’re not compatible

If you already have a dimmer switch that is not compatible with these drivers (but compatible, say, with our magnetic drivers) then you might select one of those instead of replacing a perfectly good switch

2) When your power requirements are high

These drivers max out at 60 Watts (12 Volts) or 96 Watts (24 Volts) - if you need more than that, then again, our magnetic drivers (which go up to 300 Watts) might be more suitable

3) When you want (or need) a simpler installation

These drivers aren’t particularly difficult to install (see our blog post) but if you want something really, really easy - then our EZDim, which combines the dimmer switch with the dimmable driver, might be a good choice for you.

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