Bright LED Lights that Last

Finding Bright LED Lights That Will Last for Years: 8 Things To Consider

Adding bright LED lights is a great way to enhance any space. They can be used for task lighting or display cases, or even just to set the mood in a room or other environment. Finding the right lights will make your project go more smoothly and bring value for a long time, so learn how to get the appropriate lights for your application and keep them working well.

Finding Bright LED Lights

The market for LED lights is full of options, but not all of them will be right for what you are trying to accomplish. To find bright lights that will be best for your needs, consider a few critical aspects.

LED Strip Light Density

When you are choosing between strip lights, check out the density. This is the measure of how many lights there are per section of the strip. Typically, you will find either standard or high-density strips. A standard strip will have 300 light diodes equally spaced along a 16.4 foot strip. A high-density strip will have twice the number of diodes in the same length.

For projects that call for really bright LED lights, it can be worth it to upgrade to a high-density strip. These will give you more brightness since there are more light-emitting elements. You will also get a smoother-looking light. There are fewer spaces between diodes so the lighting produced is more consistent.

In spaces such as display cases where very bright light is needed to highlight merchandise, high-density strip lights can provide the type of illumination you're looking for.

UL Listing

Any search for LED lights should also focus on the quality of the product. A helpful way to know you are getting lights that are built well and will be safe to use is to look for the UL listing. The independent company formerly known as "Underwriters Laboratories" has built a reputation for testing electronics and other products for quality and safety.

When you see a UL listing, you can have more confidence that the product is made with quality parts by experts who take care to make sure everything will work well. Listed items go through rigorous testing and are measured against high standards. Because any electronics can be a fire risk in the wrong conditions, it's a good idea to seek reassurance that you have a reliable product.

Many of the products sold by HitLights are UL listed so you can shop with confidence.

Company Reputation

Key to getting bright LED lights that last is working with a reputable supplier. Look into the company's history and reviews and make sure they have plenty of satisfied customers. You should check out the company's support policies as well. At HitLights, our hard-working team will help you get the most out of your lights, with professionals ready to assist you with any aspect of your purchase.

Maintaining Bright LED Lights

Once you get the lights you need and have them installed, it's as important to keep them operating well for as long as possible. Many LED lights are advertised as having up to a decade-long lifespan, but many end-users will not get their units to last that long because of how the lights are used and maintained.

Length of Light Strips

The length of bright LED strips can make a difference in performance down the road. It's possible to buy single strips that are relatively long, but you may still have applications that call for you to connect multiple strips. Consider lighting a display wall that runs the length of a shop or adding lights to a long hallway. You would need multiple strips linked together.

This can affect both the brightness of the lights as well as how long they last. Connection points can lead to voltage changes as electricity passes through the strips. Some spots may be a bit dimmer if the connectors are not installed properly.

Having many strips connected together may also increase the speed at which the lights burn out. The LEDs will have more voltage coming through them on a regular basis, wearing down the wiring. This isn't necessarily a problem, but it does mean you need to plan on how you will later replace strips while you are still in the installation phase. Make sure there are easy ways to access the lights in the future.

Wattage Needs

To get the best performance from your bright LED lights for years to come, it is important to make sure they are powered correctly. Every strip light will come with a specific wattage listed to operate the unit. Take note of this and find the right power supply to match.

Don't try to mix and match power supplies with strips that have different wattage needs. A 60-watt power unit may not give enough energy to lighting strips that have a higher wattage listed, leading to dim lights or strips that just don't work. On the other hand, too much power could overload your lights, speeding up how fast they burn out or even creating a safety hazard.

There is a wide selection of power drivers, switches, dimmers and cables that are made to work with all types of LED strip lights from HitLights. You can easily get the parts you need as well as replacement parts without hassle.

Hours of Operation

How long your lights run will impact the functional lifespan they have. LED lights are often sold with lifespans of more than 80,000 hours, which translates to more than 10 years of regular use. However, this estimate is based on a usage pattern that may not suit every project.

As an example, LED lights installed in a home office or media room may only be turned on for a few hours a day while the homeowner is using that space. That is very different from the way a business may use the same lights. A retail store could be open for 12 hours or more a day and would need the lights in display cases and workstations on the entire time, creating a lot more use for the lights.

It's a good practice to turn LED lights off whenever they are not needed. Installing convenient switches that are easy to get to will mean the lights are used more conservatively than if the power switches are hidden behind furniture or other obstacles. This not only saves electricity but extends the working life of light strips.

Indoor or Outdoor

The environment you place your bright LED lights in can impact how well they work in the long run. Indoors, there is less stress on your lights because they are generally protected from the elements and are in a climate-controlled space. This will encourage optimal performance so the lights will last longer.

There are certain indoor hazards that could dim your lights or shorten their lifespan. Dust buildup will affect how they work, especially if the dust is on a connector or a power supply input. Regular cleaning will go a long way in keeping the lights in premium working order. You should take precautions to keep water away from your lights as well, since moisture can damage electronics.

When you use LED lights in outdoor settings, the most important thing you can do is get the right lights at the beginning of your project. Look for lights that are made for outdoor spaces. These will have a high level of waterproofing so the components don't get wet. Outdoor lights will also have a stronger adhesive and are designed to deal with changes in temperatures.

Using the right product in the right spaces will ensure that each unit is in its optimal operating space so you can get the most life out of the lights.

High-Traffic Areas

The durability of your lights will change depending on how much they are moved and what other stresses they are under. This is especially important for bright LED lights installed on floors to light pathways. The abuse from being stepped on can cause damage and make lights give out prematurely. If possible, tuck these lights into the corner or raise them a bit off the floor so they are out of the way.

Lights that are attached to furniture that is often moved or rearranged will also need more protection. It's possible to bend the strips or pinch the cables attached to them while moving things, creating problems with how electricity flows. Do your best to prevent this from happening so the lights won't break. Connectors should be properly secured as well.

Enjoy Bright LED Lights for Years

Installing LED lights is a great way to improve a business, home or outdoor space. Be sure to get the most use from them by starting with quality lights installed in the correct settings and making plans to care for and maintain them. This effort can pay off in a big way when you have reliable, bright LED lights where you need them. Shop at HitLights to get what you want.

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