24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switch - 100 Watt

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Customer Reviews

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Sunrift Electric LLC
Quality Product

I'v installed approximately 75 of these units and had no issues. Highly recommend. Excellent customer service.

Brad Mathews
Unique product that solves a key problem with LED install

Having the dimmer and driver in the same unit allows LED installs where they would otherwise not be possible or very difficult.

The downside of this one is it is trapped in a small box so the heat is far more problematic than if your driver was in an open attic.

In spite of this, it was still a better solutions than any other I had so I bought a second one of these and added more strip light to make up for the lower light level than I anticipated.

Works As Advertised

Expensive, but it's the only product of it's kind. Not having to mount a separate driver and dimmer, with all the associated space requirements and wiring makes this an absolute winner. Installs like any other outlet in your home. Very neat and tidy.

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