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Here at HitLights, we understand what it means to run a business, and we know the same applies to both you and your clients. This week’s blog is a special edition - based on our eBook ‘6 Ways to do more business with linear led lighting’ - and explores (in brief) how to make a business case to include LED lighting in your project - and how to earn more business.


Broadly speaking, we can categorize the business benefits of LED lighting into three areas; decreasing costs, improving results, and winning more business. Let’s take a look at each of those areas and how they might apply to you.

Less cost

If time is money, then any time saved with an easy and safe low-voltage LED installation (as opposed to high voltage fluorescents or halogens) is an immediate win. Even better, many of our LED products can be set up to be modular, so if you happen to have a project that needs repeated set-up and tear-down (like a display or a trade show booth) then you’re saving time (and money) over and over again. You’ll save again when your LEDs last longer than alternatives (replacement costs), and once again when your LEDs reduce electrical costs (and associated wear and tear due to heat output).

Better results

No matter the type of installation, higher quality light in the correct color temperature will make your project look better, and when your project looks better, both you and your client will be happier. Our LED lighting contributes to better lighting results by being small (easy to hide) and easy to install (giving you flexible installation options), meaning you can get more creative with your lighting than you otherwise might. With both high CRI and accurate color temperature, our strips will put out the right kind of high quality light to make you and your products shine. High quality lighting can (and will) help you and your clients sell more, but it also has less tangible benefits, such as improving brand perception and improving customer experiences.

More business

In general, adding lighting to any space will increase the amount of business you can do compared to a poorly lit space, but with a little extra know-how and some good lighting choices, you can dramatically increase the sales potential and profitability of existing spaces and projects at little to no cost. Best of all, lighting has a certain ‘wow’ factor, so once your clients have seen something lit up, they’ll likely be sold on including lighting in future projects - particularly if it’s done well.

Find out more

These, as well as other ways that LED lighting can help your business increase revenue and profit are explored in more detail in our 6 Ways to do more business with linear led lighting eBook. You can check it out for free here.

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