Welcome to Hitlights' Trouble Shooting Series, where we tackle the most common questions and concerns you might have about LED Strip Lights.

Today's Topic: What can I do with LED Light Strip Connectors?

While we've gone over connectors before here, it's always nice to get a refresher on the basics! So let'sget right into it.

1. Can I connect LED Light Strips

Yes! One of the most beneficial features of LED Light Strips is that they can be connected end to end to provide as much light as you need for your project. Just make sure that you have a power adapter large enough to handle all your strips. Also, depending on how many strips you're connecting you may need amplifiers as well to keep the brightness consistent.

2. Why would I connect LED Light Strips?

The primary benefit of connecting strips is being able to light a larger area. One LED Light Strip might not be enough to make it all the way around a room, so being able to connect multiple strips together can solve your problem. Or maybe you want to light your hallway, but don't want to bend your strips around the corner. You can use an any angle connector to solve that problem!

3. Do I need tools to connect LED Light Strips?

For simply connecting one strip to another, no tools are needed! However if you're looking to cut your strips into custom lengths and reconnect them, you'll need a pair of scissors to cut your strips. Once cut, just align the strips properly in the connector, like the classic gapless connector, and snap it closed!

4. My connected LED Strip Lights aren't working!

Whenever you connect LED Strip Lights, like our you need to make sure that the strips are properly aligned. Like batteries, strip lights have positive sides. These positive sides, marked with a "+" must be aligned with the positive side of the connector (also marked with a "+" for your convenience.) If the strips are aligned properly, make sure the prongs are making a good connection, you may need to gently press down on them to get them just right! If you need more help, try looking here.

5. What about my Weatherproof LED Light Strips?

Sometimes with the Weatherproof LED Light Strips, like our Luma10 series can be, the weatherproof coating material can get in the connectors. Cleaning out any of this excess material should be enough to fix your strips, assuming they're properly aligned and the prongs are making a good connection.

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