Can I fix my LED remote control? - TSS #35

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Today’s Topic: Trouble Shooting an LED Remote

While most owners of LED Remotes never have problems with their technology, some owners can run into a snag here and there. This Trouble Shooting Series is for you. This week we're going to go over an easy to do LED Remote Quick Fix, should your remote hit a snag. The following is a four step (really three!) procedure that should fix most remote issues you have!

1. Get a Small Screwdriver or Similar Tool.

I said it was really three steps, but making sure you have the proper equipment is important no matter what job you're doing!

2. Remove the Keypad

Don't worry about your remote, the removal is only temporary! You see, most LED remote controllers are actually just a flexible plastic keypad and a circuit board. So what you'll want to do is gently slip your screwdriver or other thin tool into a corner of your remote, I recommend one of the bottom corners. Once you get the corner of the keypad out, just gently peel it off. Not to worry, it'll go back on, no problem!

3. Clean Out any Particulate Matter or Debris

If any dust, dirt, hair, cheese, sand, or other debris got into your remote, it could be causing your problems. Clean it out with a tissue, dry cloth, or similar. Make sure to check the back of the keypad too, the adhesive backing may have caught some dust that came with it in step 2. Don't use water or cleaning products to remove dirt or debris. Any moisture could cause new problems, so make sure the circuit board stays clean!

4. Reattach your Keypad to the Circuit Board.

Align the buttons on the keypad with their proper sensors on the circuit board. Gently reapply the keypad once everything is line up properly. The adhesive backing on the keypad is all you need to reattach it, no other tools or supplies needed!

This procedure should fix most issues, if after trying this once or twice you're still having problems, give our customer service a call at 1 (855) 768-4135! They'll be happy to help with any issue you have! 

Controller working again? Ready for your next lighting project? Our free eBook, titled 'How to Choose LED Strip Lights' is an ideal guide in the next stage of your LED lighting journey.

 If you need any help in designing your next lighting project or if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 1 (855) 768-4135. Our team of expert engineers and electricians are here to assist you every step of the way!

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