How can I control my RGB strip lights? -  TSS #34

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Today’s Topic: What's makes the RGB controllers different?

Multicolor lights are pretty, but if you can't control them, they won't do you much good! so let's get right into it. These controllers and others are available here.

R101 Inline RGB Controller

The R101 is the definition of a no frills, brass tacks controller. The key feature of the R101  is that it plugs right into your strip lights, so there's no more searching all over the place for your controller, and no worry about batteries running out. The R101 is made for our Luma10 LED Strip Lights and features three buttons that control your light's colors, animations, speed, and brightness.

44 Key RGB Remote Controller

The 44 Key RGB Controller features, you guessed it, 44 keys to help you get your lights looking exactly the way you want them to. This is an IR remote so you do need to point the controller at the receiver to change your LED Strip Light. There's no need to cycle through colors with this controller, just pick the one you want and press its button!

Is the exact shade of blue, or red, or yellow, or any other color not on the controller? Not to worry! Using the "DIY" buttons on the controller you can create custom colors. When you press one of the six DIY buttons, the color will change to white, from there, use the color coded arrows on the controller to change the color to whatever you like!

R108 RGB Remote Controller

Think of the R108 as a kind of hybrid between the tiny R101 that plugs right into your strip and the bigger 44 key controller that you can carry around. While it doesn't have quite as many options as the 44 key, it has more than the R101 and is mobile. A key feature of the R108 is that it doesn't need to be pointed at the receiver to work. It can even change your strips through walls from the next room over!

MiLight (Not currently available)

Odds are, you already own part of this controller, and if I had to guess, it's in your purse or pocket right now. That's right, the MiLight is controlled by your smart phone or tablet! It requires the MiLight receiver and control hub to work, but features about as much customization as you could want. This is also the only controller that allows you to control your lights from thousands of miles away as long as you have a wifi signal. You even could turn on your lights in Sacramento from Moscow if you wanted! 

T3-M Controller

The T3-M is the top of the line when it comes to RGB LED controllers. This controller can sync to multiple receivers, control independent light zones, dial in exact colors with its color wheel. When it comes to controlling LED Strip lights, there's next to nothing this controller can't do. We go into more detail on the T3-M controller here. Now because of the high end and extravagant nature of this controller, it does cost more than the others.

Editor's note - the T3 has been replaced by the even better T4 (which is also RGBW capable)


Choosing a controller is just one small factor in your lighting project. Our free eBook, titled 'How to Choose LED Strip Lights' is an ideal guide in the next stage of your LED lighting journey.


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