The Power of Dimming: Control your Strip Lights

When you use LED light strips you may notice something; they're really bright. Sometimes you'll want them full on lighting up the world and at other times you'll want a cozy, soft glow. Well, dimmable drivers are part of a great dimming solution for your lights.

All HitLights LED light strips use 12V DC power, but most wall dimmers use 110-120V AC power. If you wanted to use an existing (and compatible) wall dimmer with your LED light strips, then a dimmable driver is perfect for you, or check out our EzDim Drivers for the all in one solution to dimmable needs.  Bridge the gap between your wall dimmer and LED lights.

EzDim All in One

Installing a dimmable driver isn’t really that hard, but if you don’t have to do that extra work (pull those extra wires, make those extra connections, mount it somewhere both unobtrusive AND to national electrical code standards) why would you? As a bonus, skipping the dimmable driver and all the associated connections halves your possible failure points, meaning you’re less likely to have to go back and fix it.

Electronic Dimmable Driver

Dimmable Drivers offer an elegant control and dimming solution for any of your LED light strip projects. These 20 to 60 Watt Dimmable Drivers allow you to control the brightness of your LED light strips with a dimmer switch mounted in your wall - a more elegant and permanent solution than a dial dimmer or remote unit. Additionally, the wide range of compatible wall dimmers means that you get to choose the wall dimmer that best suits your home, office, or other building. These drivers are manufactured to our exact technical specifications here in the United States, meaning that we can offer an unsurpassed five-year warranty on these units. Our range of Dimmable Drivers are the ultimate solution in any of your LED lighting projects and are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches.  Please reference this list for more specific information on compatible AC dimmer switches.

Waterproof Dimmable Drivers

Our Micro Dimmable Drivers are not only slim but also waterproof. They can do what other power supplies can't, get wet.  You'll notice how the sturdy metal construction denotes their high build quality. They come in 40W and 60W varieties.

Magnetic Dimmable Drivers

Magnetic Dimmable Drivers offer the most wattage options (40W-300W). While magnetic drivers are quite sizable, their smooth dimming capabilities are unparalleled. Inside the metal box is a wiring compartment to protect wiring, which complies with most electrical codes in the US.


For example, this is the wiring diagram for our Universal Dimmable Driver.

Now you know all about HitLights' Dimmable Drivers!

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