LED Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List: Ultimate Lighting Gift Guide (2022)

It’s that time again! The most wonderful time of the year—Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, then ho ho ho it will be Christmas! Don’t let the joy of the holiday season be squashed by the stress of wondering what to get everyone on your holiday gift giving list. HitLights has the best LED strip light guide so you can get all your holiday shopping done! We’ve got the LED strip lights worthy of giving as a gift (high-quality and useful); we’ve got the best LED strip light ideas (of what to give whom—read on for more); and the best LED strip light prices (we even have some amazing sales events coming soon—stay tuned for that!) Whether you are holiday shopping for dad, mom, friends, colleagues—HitLights is the place for you to go for Christmas and the whole holiday season.

We know how it goes. You’re eating the last of the Halloween candy, you look up and boom! It’s Thanksgiving. Then, just as you’re getting excited about all the sides and mashed potatoes and gravy (mmmm… gravy) wham! You’re getting Holiday Party invites and you realize: Man, I better get on my holiday shopping before it’s too late! Well, dear LED strip light fan, HitLights is here to help. This is your reminder (or if you need something stronger: your warning) that the gift giving season is upon you and Christmas will be here before you know it. 

HitLights is here to help in another way, too. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of people—including some folks on your gift list—are complaining that they don’t want more “stuff” in their lives. This statement usually comes up when talking about what they’d like to receive as a present. Sometimes this conversation is a little uncomfortable because we give gifts as a token of our affection; it’s a way to show we care. No one wants to think of their gift—given with love—is just “stuff” to the gift recipient. 

We all know that so many presents these days end up being more “stuff” because they aren’t super useful. Here’s where HitLights is so valuable. LED strip lights are ultra useful, LED strip lights are innovative, they save energy, they serve a fabulous function throughout a home or office! LED strip lights are also a unique gift that will be used over and over, all year long, and for years to come. No one can claim that LED strip lights are “stuff.”

Even if you were skeptical at first, are you starting to see where we’re coming from? Let us shed a little more light (ha!) on this gift guide. 

Here are our best suggestions for LED strip light gifts, organized by the person you’re giving to. 

Which Gift is Best for Father?

Dear ol’ dad can be hard to buy presents for: he’s got everything. Think of your gift as a way to improve the spaces where he spends time with premium and 24 volt LED strip lights.

Each of these products is 24 volts (give dad the power!) and will be a great enhancement to the rooms where dad spends his time. Especially if your father likes to build or DIY, any of these products will make an excellent Christmas gift. Dad—done!

These presents aren’t exclusively for dad, of course. These lights are great for brothers; brother-in-law; DIY sisters; your boss—you get the idea. Our list is to help you get ideas for the types of folks you’re buying for. Get everyone something they’ll like and use!

What Do Moms Really Want for Christmas? 

We don’t blame you for worrying about the best Christmas gift for mom. Mom can be hard to buy for! Do you go jewelry or books or clothes or…? Ack! It’s intimidating! If you’re thinking we don’t have anything for mom at HitLights, we think you’re in for a surprise. Lots of our HitLights LED strip lights are great for mom—with a twist. We’ll share the gift ideas first; then the twist. 

  • Closets love being lit up: any closet, including walk-in closets love LED strip lights. Mom will love having her entire wardrobe illuminated with LED strip lights. Premium 24V COB LED Strip Light, Single Color (UL-Listed) 16.4ft [IP-30] will make any closet bright. A door switch or remote takes the luxury of lit up closets to the next level
  • Does mom love to cook? Undercabinet lighting is a must: one of the most popular installations of LED strip lights is right in the kitchen. Stop putting it off, make this the holiday where mom gets beautiful lighting in the kitchen. It’ll feel like a kitchen makeover—all in a simple undercabinet light. Choose from our Luma20 Premium High-Density LED strip light or Premium 24V LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) 26.2ft [IP-20] if you want stronger task lighting
  • Create drama and elegance for mom with a light up mirror. Line the edge of a full size mirror with LED strip lights like with our Premium Luma5. Give the gift of beauty: a glamourous mirror, bright beautiful lights

Ready for the twist? Install these lights yourself for mom! Remember when you were a child and the class activity was to make sweet “coupons” for your parents (like for a hug or that you’ll clean your room or you’ll clean up after dinner without being asked.) The point of those gifts when you were young was to teach you the value of the gift of yourself. Now, you don’t have to make your mom a special coupon to say you’ll install the lights. But you can make installation part of the LED strip light gift. Live far from mom? Coordinate with dad or someone else to make sure the lights get installed. (Is mom super handy or loves DIY? That’s okay, too. Make sure she knows the HitLights staff is ready to help if she needs it.)

What Should I Buy for Office Gift Exchange?

Now’s here where HitLights is really going to help you. Is your office having an anonymous gift exchange or a Secret Santa? Is there a price limit? You don’t want to give junk? Do we have the item for you. The perfect LED strip light for the office party or Secret Santa is the Eclipse Kit. The Eclipse is a pre-cut set that can be used to create the cool back-lit look to monitors and televisions. Since there’s everything you need in one kit, the Eclipse is perfect to give someone a complete LED strip light solution in one place. No hassle: peel, stick, plug, LIGHTS. It really is that easy. 

The Eclipse can create beautiful and stylish colors with a simple RF remote. Talk about a useful gift! And the best part in addition to all the simplicity of this gift: it’s at a price point that is under the Secret Santa limit (for many gift exchanges—your office may vary of course.)

Eclipse isn’t exclusively for the back-lit monitor look. Lots of our customers use it for undercabinet lighting or other similar applications. All your office mates are going to be jealous that they didn’t get what YOU gave for Secret Santa. Be ready to tell people where you got the Eclipse and happily tell them, “It’s the Eclipse kit from HitLights.”

A Few More Words on the Eclipse Kit

Are we saving the best for last? Maybe! You be the judge. Why is the Eclipse Kit so perfect for gift giving? Think of all the people who would use the Eclipse; think of all the gift giving occasions:

  • Know a gamer? Gamers invest in their gear—help them show it off with cool back lighting with the Eclipse Kit.
  • Getting a gift for a teen? Help them customize their living space with Eclipse (plus it’s so easy, they can install it themselves)
  • Want awesome stocking stuffers? The Eclipse Kit is the perfect stocking stuffer price
  • Going to a lot of Holiday parties? The Eclipse kit is a host gift that actually will be put to use
  • Need a gift for clients that is unique and not edible? You got it—the Eclipse Kit is it

If you’re placing an order with HitLights, add a couple of Eclipse Kits to your order so you never come up short when you need a last minute gift for all the events of the Holiday Season. Shop the Eclipse Kit now. You’ll thank us later!

We hope this Holiday gift guide has been helpful—not only to give you ideas for presents but also as a reminder (or warning!) about how close Christmas and all the events of the holidays are. We are thankful for you, our loyal customers and look forward to help you close out the year in a most merry way. If you need any help or want to ask your LED strip light questions to an expert, we’re ready to talk! Call us now at 1 (855) 768-4135. Happy Holidays from HitLights!

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