New Year, New Hue: Tips and Tricks for the Home Makeover Projects that will Jumpstart Your 2022!

Kick-off the New Year with home projects that will improve, uplevel, or innovate your living spaces with LED strip lights. Make the most of your home in 2022! All of these ideas can be implemented quickly and easily, thanks to HitLights. 

You know what they say—there’s no place like home. Many of us are spending more time at home than ever, and the desire to make improvements that make spaces more aesthetically pleasing or more functional are in demand. LED strip lights are a simple way to make a big impact at home, without taking up your whole weekend or putting a dent in your wallet. If you want to start 2022 with a fresh start at home with some home makeover ideas that you can (mostly) do yourself, read on to get our favorite LED strip light project ideas from HitLights.

Best Kitchen LED Strip Light Home Improvement Ideas

Do you know why you should consider a kitchen improvement project using LED strip lights? Most realtors and real estate professionals consider kitchen improvements to be the most important and most valuable upgrades which can be made on a home. You may have heard the phrase, “Kitchens sell houses”. According to real estate super-site Zillow, kitchen improvements have some of the best return on investment when it comes to the value of a home. Lots of our customers start with HitLights thanks to a kitchen LED strip light project, including—you guessed it—under cabinet LED strip lighting

Installing LED strip lights under your kitchen cabinets is an “easy win” project because it is simple to accomplish, and instantly makes your kitchen better. More counter space becomes easier to use the moment you install these lights since you will eliminate shadowy corners and be able to see anywhere in your kitchen. Under cabinet lights also bring sophistication to your kitchen. Turn off the overhead lights and let the mood be set: one part modern chic, one part elegant glow. Our Luma5 High Density strip lights are perfect for this application. Choose from soft white; warm white; neutral white (popular with home cooks for its clarity—food looks great!); and cool white. 

If you’ve taken care of the space under the cabinets, how about above?

Above cabinet lights can be installed in minutes (really!) and produce instant ambiance. Have a little fun with these lights—consider our Premium Luma10 (5050) LED Light Strip, RGB Multicolor above cabinets. By selecting a color changing LED strip light, you can display a tasteful splash of color in the kitchen that is on trend. The best part is you aren’t locked into one particular color, you can use the remote to pick any one of a dozen colors. Easy to use connectors allow you to install these lights without being seen. All you do is enjoy their radiance. 

Do you have a pantry? This next project is an absolute must. Install an LED strip light overhead in the pantry (on the ceiling or on the upper panel if your pantry is a cabinet.) Add a simple (and inexpensive) door switch to the pantry door. Voila! Your pantry goes from a dark place where you store food to an at-home showcase. Bob O., one of our customers in Louisiana installed our Luma5 Standard Density lights this way. “This is easily one of the best things I’ve done in the kitchen. The pantry used to be a blah feature of our kitchen, but now it’s a showstopper. We can see every item and every shelf in the pantry. It feels completely high-end, but was a snap to put in. The door switch puts the whole project over the top.”  

Before we leave the kitchen—if you have amazing floors, you need toe kick lights. Maybe you didn’t know what these were called or didn’t know lights like these were possible, but toe kick lights are installed between the floor and the base of lower cabinets. Now, some designers state that toe kick lights aren’t “necessary” if your space is properly lit elsewhere. We think that’s missing the point. Toe kick lights are all about a WOW factor. Especially if you’ve invested in your flooring, consider stunning toe kick lights.

What Are Good LED Strip Light Projects for the Living Room?

Crown molding is popular for a reason. It gives a finishing polish to a room and elevates the look and feel of almost every space. If your crown molding has a lip or creates a recessed channel, consider running LED strip lights along your crown molding. Before you think light is the main motivation for these strips in the living room, that’s only part of the story. With Smart LED strip lights, lights you install can meld with the entertainment features of your living room. Take for example our 4 Pre-Cut 1ft/4ft Small LED Light Strips Dimmable, RGB 5050 Color Changing LED Tape Light with RemoteUse app control to change every element of the light display and choose from the most beautiful and wide-ranging palette of possible colors, shades, and hues. 

You can even use the app to set a timer for these lights. Come home to a bright space during the darker months (a safety benefit, too.) The music sync feature is amazing. Colors can shift to the beat of your music, bringing the excitement of a club to your house. Finally, imagine the environment of your living room—all the other lights are off, and you are relaxing, illuminated only by the gentle light you set from your LED strip lights. It’s like an oasis, custom designed for you. A single LED strip light set-up can create all those spaces in one; amazing versatility. 

Small But Mighty LED Strip Light Home Projects

We’ve hit the bigger rooms, but we have some smaller project suggestions, too. All of these projects can be completed, start to finish, in less than a weekend. (Plus, with HitLights, you don’t have to worry about incomplete orders or missing parts. That’s one of our specialties. No trips to the hardware store for random pieces.) 

Bathroom mirrors can get a quick LED makeover that adds tons of glamour. Run LED strip lights behind a raised mirror and create a backlit effect or run strips (under a cover) on the front of a mirror. The final result looks like a modern take on old Hollywood style. 

Turn closets from nightmares into fine wardrobe spaces. Similar to the pantry project, overhead LED strip lights in closets can get light into every nook and cranny. Your organization efforts won’t be wasted once the interior of your closets are lit up. You’ll want to keep everything in its place with LED strip light closet upgrades. Don’t forget contact switches (for sliding doors) or door switches (for hinged doors) to blow this project out of the water: door opens, light comes on; door closed; lights are off. Perfect! 

We love our outdoor spaces just as much as our indoor spaces. Thankfully HitLights offers LED strip lights that are waterproof and suitable for the outdoors. Deck railings, pergolas, and patio covers can be edged with LED strip lights easily and securely—what good is an outdoor light without durable, outdoor-ready mounting tape? HitLights has you covered. 

Excited to get started putting these ideas to work in your home? We don’t blame you! In fact, we have our knowledge-based team ready to help you make these projects easy and doable. Our top-notch support team are installation experts and master troubleshooters. Give us a call at (855) 768-4135 and we’ll help you be a success. We are excited for 2022, and hope you are, too. We’re excited for what we can do together for your home, office, or any place you want to improve—you and Hitlights!

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