Where to Get Commercial Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

If you're in the market for good outdoor LED strip lights, you would have encountered LED strip lighting several times already. Not only are these kinds of lighting more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting, but they are also more long-lasting, customizable, and environment-friendly.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. The nature of LED strip lights makes them highly flexible lighting solutions, so they come in many different forms that new homeowners and lighting technicians shopping for them can easily be overwhelmed.

One of the most popular types of LED strip lighting is outdoor lighting. If you're looking to spruce up your outdoor space with some bright and weatherproof lights, learn more about what makes a good commercial outdoor LED strip light, and where you can get them.

Good Commercial Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Light up any outdoor area with up to 90% energy savings with commercial outdoor LED strip lights!

Compared to other variants of LED strips, these types of lighting are waterproof, durable, and can light up any area whenever you want. Read further to learn more about what makes good commercial outdoor LED strip lights!

IP Rating

The most distinct feature of good commercial outdoor LED strip lights lies in their IP Rating.

Short for Ingress Protection, IP is the measure of the level of protection an object has against solid and liquid objects. An IP rating comes in two digits. The first indicates the level of protection against solid particles, while the second indicates the level of protection against liquids.

When shopping for commercial outdoor LED strip lights, you're going to see IP Ratings such as IP 33, IP 65, and IP 67.

IP 30 Rating

This comes with standard LED strips that are neither dustproof nor waterproof. Such LED strips have no coating at all to protect the diodes, hence, these light strips are recommended for indoor use only, such as for shop display or cabinet backlighting.

IP 65 Rating

LED strips with this rating have good dust proofing, though their waterproofing is limited. As such, these types of light strips are sometimes called splash-proof LED strip lights—with limited protection against water. Such strip lighting is recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms, where they are unlikely to be submerged in water.

IP 67 Rating

These LEDs are considered outdoor strip lights. Because of their dustproof and waterproof features, they are completely sealed from outside environments, making them the most durable and safe-to-use strip lights for outdoors. These are the type of lights you should look for when shopping for commercial outdoor LED strip lights.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, another key feature to watch out for is its level of brightness, which is indicated in Lumens. It is the measure of brightness in LED lights and manufacturers label strip lights in Lumens per foot or per meter.

For LED strips intended for outdoor use, the brightness is typically higher than indoor lighting since you have wider space to illuminate.

Whereas indoor LED strips range from 10-20 Lumens per square foot, commercial outdoor LED strip lights range anywhere from 70-80 Lumens per square foot to up to 300 to 507 Lumens per foot.

When shopping for commercial LED strip lights, consider how you plan to use the lights. The higher you are placing your lights or the bigger the space you want to illuminate, the brighter your strip lights need to be.

Strip Size

One of the customizable features of LED strips is their length. LED strip lighting comes in various lengths of strip sizes, which come in per foot or per reel measurements.

When buying commercial outdoor LED strip lights, you want to measure the space where you plan to install your strip lights. This tells you how much strip lighting you need for your project.

Moreover, buying strip lights in bulk is going to be more cost-effective, hence getting the entire length you need in one purchase is recommended.

LED Density

Besides Lumens, another important consideration for the output of outdoor lighting is the LED density of your commercial outdoor strip lights.

LED density refers to the number of LEDs in one strip. Standard density strip lights contain 300 diodes of LED in a 16.4 ft. strip, while high-density strip lights contain double that, with 600 diodes of LEDs in the same length.

Considering your outdoor project, a standard density strip may suffice for step lights or path lighting. But a high-density strip may be preferable for hard lighting or landscape lighting.


With so many LED strip lights in the market, it's easy to find cheap versions that seem to work just fine. However, you are never certain if you're getting value for your money for such lights. Moreover, they don't come with a warranty, and there's a real possibility that the lights give out well before it's due.

Hence, it's suggested that you look for commercial outdoor LED strip lights with certification. A common one is a UL-listed label, which indicates that the lights have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a universally known body that tests and evaluates products before allowing them to put the certification mark.

UL-listed commercial outdoor LED strip lights have passed safety and sustainability standards. And though they come at a slightly more expensive price, they have a quality guarantee and come with significant warranties, which help ensure the success of any outdoor lighting project.

What are the Best Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Our LED strip lights employ surface-mounted diodes to deliver the strongest light possible with current LED technology. The chips, also known as SMDs, are soldered directly to a flexible printed circuit board to boost robustness and endurance.

At HitLights, we have a collection of the best outdoor LED strip lights for your next lighting project, these include:

Premium Luma5 LED Light Strip

With the Premium Luma5 LED Light Strip, you can choose from a color temperature of warm white or cool white in 3000 or 5000K, can be cut and reconnected every three LEDs, and is dimmable with HitLights LED Dimmable Driver or EZDim.

These premium LED light strips are built for long life and have a waterproof (IP-67) rating. It includes self-adhesive backing tape. You might need our heavy strength mounting tape for challenging installations, especially if you're doing it upside down or outside.

Purchase Outdoor LED Strip Lights

When purchasing commercial outdoor LED strip lights, be sure to look for the features mentioned above to help make sure you get the best value for your money.

Enjoy the best quality LED strips at HitLights! We sell various LED lighting for all sorts of illuminating projects.

We have a full range of lighting options from indoor standard density LED strips to outdoor high density LED strips. Our lights also come in various colors, be it in cool white, static white, multicolor, or color-changing options, so you can enjoy varying color temperatures to complement whatever space or occasion you have.

To learn more about our wide range of products, excellent customer service, and an unbeatable warranty, contact us at 855-768-4135 at HitLights today!

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