You Asked for Them, HitLights Delivers: 24 Volt LED Strip Lights, Power Sources, and Dimmable Drivers

More light output from less power? Yes, please! Get acquainted with 24 volt LED strip lights; 24 volt power supplies; and our in-demand, super convenient, ultra-useful 24 volt dimmable drivers. Contracting pros and home improvers alike: you are going to love all the 24 volt products from HitLights.

LED fans are a dedicated group of people. It usually takes only one successful LED strip light installation to get hooked on the convenience and flexibility offered by LED strip lighting. After that, you’re on your way to becoming a superfan—looking for all kinds of places and spaces where you can install LEDs. 

But sometimes your projects need a little bit more. Not more color, or more dazzle. But maybe some additional light output or you need your LED strip lights to perform in a more industrial or commercial setting. If that’s your situation, you may want to consider the new 24 volt product line from HitLights

What are better 12V or 24V LED strip lights?

If you are considering choosing between 12 volt LED strip lights or 24 volt LED light strips, it’s not really a question of which is “better.” It’s really a question of what you are using the lights for. We have a technical assessment of the engineering differences between 12 volt and 24 volt LED strip lights that you can find here. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the non-technical reasons you might pick 24 volt LED strip lights. 

If you are only looking for an accent light where the LED strip lights aren’t the main source of light, 12 volt might be enough. If you are using LED strip lights where batteries are your planned power source—like on a boat or in a car for decoration, 12 volt strips are probably suitable for you. 

However, if you are looking for significant light output—such as when using the LED strip lights as a primary light source, you’ll want to use 24 volt. If you’re looking for under cabinet lighting that’s going to reveal every inch of backsplash or countertop; every corner and every inch of slab—you guessed it: 24 volt is your choice. Bottom line: consider 24 volt LED strip lights if you’re trying to achieve a bright, well-lit light coverage for a larger area.

Before we go through the various products that make up the HitLights 24 volt line, there’s one more aspect that might influence your decisions. It’s the “Goldielocks” factor. 

We’re proud to offer our HitLights 24 volt LED strip lights in units of 26.25feet of lights per spool (8 meters.) Our designers engineered these strip lights at this length to work better with many common LED strip light projects. We are confident you’ll appreciate this functional length. 

There are some other things to note about the 24 volt LED strip lights, so let’s get into all our 24 volt products, including our 24 volt LED strip lights; 24 volt power supplies; and the sensational 24 volt dimmer and drivers. 

24 volt LED strip lighting

The major differentiation between 12 volt LED strip lights and 24 volt LED strip lights is light output. Enjoy 1325 lumens from our 24v LED strip lighting strips. If you need bright, full coverage, major lumen LED strip lights choose from our 24v LED strip lighting like PRODUCT or PRODUCT. 

We mentioned up above the functional length of these LED strip lights. You will still have the convenience of customizing the length to fit your exact needs, but you’ll have more strip length to work with from the jump, 26.25 feet (8 meters.) 

Color temperature has a big impact (as we all know) thus you can choose between soft white; warm white; neutral white; cool white; and very cool white in the 24 volt LED strip lights. 

If you like the feel of heavier duty, substantial LED strips you’ll notice and enjoy the 3oz thickness. 

When you are looking to upgrade the LED strip lights you are using, make your next project with a HitLights 24v LED strip light. We’re confident you’ll love the results. If these strips sound great to you, let’s move on to how you can power these lights. 

24 volt power supply 

Time to power up! LED strip lights need power to illuminate the lights; we’ve got the power supplies you need for your 24 volt LED strip light projects. Pros are going to notice right away that our HitLights 24v power supply units feature constant output. All LED fans will benefit from the plug-and-play installation. Everything about our power supply equipment is straightforward. It really is as simple as click, click, done. 

Can we talk about connectors for a moment? Good just got better. No more relying on flimsy clasps—connections on these 24 volt systems have improved screw terminals, using a simple Phillips head screw. Your connections are all the more durable, thanks to this upgrade. Of course, the power supply units are UL listed, so you can use them with confidence.  

24 volt dimmable LED drivers

Did we save the best for last? Planned and fabricated with the professional in mind, be sure to check out our 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switches.  What you are going to love about these switches is they feature…

  • 100% smooth dimming (flicker-free dimming!)
  • Convenience: no need to run new high voltage wiring
  • Compatibility: nearly whatever situation you need a dimmer, this dimmer device will most likely work! 

We’re already getting amazing feedback about the 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switches from our VIP customers and the sales volume backs up the excitement. Since this product fits so many situations to a T, and since so many of our independent electricians and contractors are counting on this device to complete installations that require a dimmer, we recommend pros purchase this item in bulk—have a stash of the 24 Volt EZDim® Driver and Dimmer Switches on hand. Avoid downtime and complete more projects by investing in a supply in these switches now. (Business Account for Professional customers: ask your rep about stocking this item for your own work.) 

Still have questions? We can talk to you! If you want to bring your plans to one of our knowledge-based support team members, they can help you make the final decision on which LED strip lights; which 24v LED power supply set-ups; or what 24v dimmable LED drivers are going to be the best choice for your installation. Call us today at 1 (855) 768-4135

Are you a contracting professional, designer, or independent electrician? You may want to take our advice and have a cache of our 24v dimmable LED drivers since they are so handy and useful. When placing your order, ask about our HitLights Business Accounts for Professionals—especially if you are looking for a LED strip wholesale supplier or want to expand the LED strip installations you offer, we’re here to help. Reach out and call today!

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