The Basics Of LED Drivers: Dimmable LED Drivers Explained

LED drivers regulate the electricity that power LED lights. They convert alternating current from the main switch to a lower voltage. There are two types in terms of dimming, LED non-dimmable and LED dimmable drivers. The latter type is preferred because the former often overheats within the control circuit, even when it appears it is dimmed correctly.

Additionally, dimmable LED drivers can prolong the life expectancy of LED lights as they lessen the voltage LED lights demand to power up. But not all models are created the same.

What to Check in LED Dimmable Drivers

It's easy to get swayed into buying the cheapest type of model. But with LED drivers, there are things to consider so you don't end up purchasing one that will damage your circuit and lights.

  • Lifetime Rating - check the lifetime rating of your LED light and driver. Opt for models with a guaranteed 50,000 hours of life expectancy. This is approximately six years of continued use.
  • Power - make sure that the dimmable LED driver's power rating is more than or equal to the total wattage of LED lights connected to it.
  • Dimming Range - some dimmers go all the way down to zero, while others until 10%. If you need your LED lights to completely go out, choose an LED dimmable driver that can go down to 1%.
  • Efficiency - always opt for high-efficiency LED drivers that save on energy.
  • Water Resistant - if you’re purchasing LED dimmable drivers for the outdoors, make sure they have an IP64 water resistance rating.
  • Distortion - choose an LED driver with a total harmonic distortion (THD) of about 20% because it creates less interference with LED lights.

Dimming Control Systems

The control system is another thing you need to check when shopping for LED drivers. You need a compatible dimming control system for your LED dimmable driver for ease of operation. Here are your options:

  • Bluetooth control
  • Triac control
  • Electronic low voltage dimmer (ELV)
  • 0-10 volt DC

  • 3 Types of LED Dimmable Drivers

    HitLights has types of dimmable LED drivers in its catalog. The type you choose will determine which dimming switch you need to use.


    A universal dimmable driver welcomes all types of dimmer switches.


    Magnetic dimmable drivers have a black metal enclosure. They have plugins that secure installation and have been reliable choices for most. If you're using one, you need an LED light-compatible dimmer switch.


    Electronic drivers are usually slim and enclosed in blue metals. They come in handy for external applications, especially the rated IP67 models. You also need a LED light-compatible switch for this type.

    Choose from HitLight’s Dimmable LED Driver Models

    The HitLights online shop has various models of dimmable LED drivers and switches for residential and commercial LED strip lights. Most of our products are UL-listed and come with a 6-year warranty. If you're unsure of the parts needed for your lighting project, contact our team of LED experts at 855-768-4135 at HitLights today!

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